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My name is Kayla Schultz. I’m 22 years old and currently live near Adelaide, South Australia. I recently completed a degree in Media and Journalism at the University of Adelaide, with the hopes to pursue my career goals of being a journalist. This blog is just one of the spaces for my writing.

I originally started Hazyskullcat as a personal motivational Instagram page, to keep me focused on my fitness goals during my recent 8-week challenge at the gym.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided to expand my blog (formerly known as betweenthemusicandmymind.com) to incorporate and continue my fitness journey. Betweenthemusicandmymind.com is here, just under a different name. I still love writing about music and this blog is still a place for me to build a portfolio of my reviews, interviews, while also reporting news about bands and music not only in Australia but worldwide, spanning many genres.  I love going to concerts/gigs and I try my best to absorb the atmosphere and music to write reviews, while being able to watch and appreciate the music at the same time.

Another way I keep busy is cooking healthy delicious meals. I absolutely love meal prepping and can’t wait to share some great recipes on here.

Hopefully this blog will reflect not only my progressing skills as journalist but also as a record of my fitness journey, some really yummy recipes and me smashing my goals.  I am determined to be fit, strong and healthy!

– Kayla


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