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Feature Band – Double Lined Minority

Feature Artist of the Week – Double Lined Minority



Eddie Salazar – Vocals/Guitar

Cameron Griffiths – Vocals/Guitar

Blair Klein – Bass

Jack Merriman – Drums

Formed – 2009

Based- Brisbane


Vocalist and Guitarist of Double Lined Minority, Eddie Salazar answered some of our questions about the band and what they are about. If you haven’t heard about DLM before, I suggest you have a listen because they are one of the best up and coming bands out of Australia right now! 

 How did you guy form a band and when did you start?

Eddie: We have been DLM since 2009. Cameron and I met each other in a school play. We had a jam backstage and decided to form a band.

What genre do you consider the band to fit into?

Eddie: I’m not a fan of labels… I would say DLM is a rock band. We like catchy stuff so I guess we’re a pop rock band, but again we aren’t 5SOS. Some would say pop punk…but we don’t sound like The Story So Far or Neck Deep (The ‘pop punk trend’ at the moment). Maybe Alternative Pop Punk?

 Who are some of your influences and favourite bands?

Eddie: Individually we all aspire from different areas of music. I love bands like Foo Fighters and Fall Out Boy, Cameron and Blair love their rap music and Jack loves his heavy and chilled music. In the end it kind of influences the sound we are trying to achieve… maybe aha

What musical aspirations do you hold for the band in 2015?

Eddie: We are releasing our new EP soon, so we’re really excited for that. We’ve got heaps planned for it and we hope to travel again.

What has been the bands biggest highlight or achievement so far?

Eddie: Playing Big Day Out a couple of times, but the most fun has been selling out a couple of our headlining tour shows. Feels great!

 What is instore for DLM in the next few months?

Eddie: Next few months involve new music and shows and that’s what matters!

Check out the Double Lined Minority’s new EP ‘Caught In The Crossfire’ on the bands bandcamp: http://doublelinedminority.bandcamp.com/ 

Follow them on their social media sites and watch some of their music videos below!

Triple J Unearthed Page: https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/double-lined-minority

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/doublelinedminority

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FollowDLM

Website: www.doublelinedminority.com




Feature Artist: Q&A with The Orphan, The Poet

Feature Artist: Q&A with Jake Floyd of The Orphan, The Poet



Bassist Jake Floyd of this weeks feature artist ‘The Orphan, The Poet‘, answered some of my questions about the band and what their year has been like.

For those who haven’t heard of you guys before or are new fans of the

band. How would you describe yourselves and what you are about as a


J: Hmmm. Describing your sound is never an easy thing to do as a musician. I

saw a review once that described us as a mix between Circa Survive, Jimmy

Eat World, and Thrice. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but those bands all

fall among our favorites, so I was very flattered. I’d say the easiest answer is

that we are a rock band that likes to jump around and challenge ourselves


What do you think makes The Orphan, The Poet unique and stand out

among other up and coming bands?

J: Our live show is something we take great pride in. We’ve gained some

stamina over the years of touring to maintain a certain level of energy

throughout the whole set. And that energy tends to feed off into the

crowd, whether it’s 800 people or 8. We enjoy playing our songs, so passion

has a lot to do with it.

So 2014 has been a pretty big year for The Orphan, the Poet. What has

been the biggest highlight/biggest achievement for the band this year?

J: 2014 has been so good to us. We started the year running with our single,

“Starlight”, and since then, it’s been non-stop. We’ve gotten the chance

to tour with bands we truly love. And on top of that, travel to places

we’ve never been and hear people sing our words. That is easily the most

gratifying experience. To show up to a city we’ve never been in and see

someone wearing our band’s shirt. We’ve even seen some people with our

band’s symbol tattooed on them, which is insane.

What has been the biggest challenge the band has faced in its career?

J: In 2012, we did our first full US tour supporting Dance Gavin Dance on the

Rock Yourself To Sleep tour. In those six weeks, we learned a lot on how to

operate as a band being out on the road. It was truly a pivotal moment in

our band’s career.

You’ve just recently released the music video for ‘Better Than This’. What

has the reaction from fans been like so far for the video?

Honestly, insane. We had no idea people would latch onto this as much

as they did. As a band, we put a lot of work into our videos. Typically, the

concepts are formed from outlandish things we think could be cool, and

then our dear friend/director, Roman Luck, is able to take these ideas and

run with them. He is really the magic behind making everything look and

feel the way it should.

Where do you hope to see yourselves and the band this time next year?

J: I have a great feeling about the next year of our band. Although there’s still

a bit to go in 2014, we’ve already started looking into our 2015 schedule.

We’ve been writing a lot. Hopefully the next year will bring a full-length and

a bunch of touring.

Check out The Orphan, The Poet’s new music video for ‘Better Than This’ on YouTube and keep up to date with the band on their social media sites!

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/theorphanthepoet)

Twitter (@TOTPband)

Feature Artist of the Week: The Orphan, The Poet


Feature Artist: The Orphan, the Poet 


From: Dayton, Ohio

Genre: Alternative/indie

For fans of: I, The Mighty, Senses Fail, Hands Like Houses, You Me At Six

If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, I suggest you take the time to look them up because they might just be the next big thing! Up and coming band The Orphan, the Poet are a talented 4 piece from Dayton Ohio who have slowly been gathering momentum over in the US, (The rest of the world will be sure to catch on soon enough!) touring with the likes of Dance Gavin Dance and Conditions and while being placed in the indie/ alternative genres, the band is musically diverse and would not look out of place on a metal or pop-punk tour line up.

Vocalist David Eselgroth has given insight into the meaning behind the band’s new single “Better Than This”  by saying “‘Better Than This’ is about the moment you realize you are selling yourself short…realizing you’ve let yourself become someone that you’re not isn’t really a positive topic, but I still see the song as a positive influence since it takes these moments of clarity to move forward.”

With new music hinted to be on the way, here is The Orphan, the Poet ‘s music video for their latest single ‘Better Than This’ !