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Asking Alexandria

Supported by Blessthefall and Buried in Verona

HQ Adelaide

10th of April 2016

Most people spend their Sundays resting for the long week of work ahead, however that wasn’t the case for the many keen music fans in Adelaide, lining up to catch Asking Alexandria on their first Australian headlining tour. If we had work or school the next day, not a care was given.

Sydney’s Buried in Verona were first up for the night and managed to pull a very decent crowd for an opening act, the crowd giving them plenty of energy in return. Songs like ‘Four Years’ and ‘Dig Me Out’, singled out the fans in the crowd, jumping at the chance to sing along with the words or start a circle pit.

It had been two years since Blessthefall had headlined the Boys of Summer tour in Australia, and with a new album under their belts, I was keen to see them play again. The quintet from Arizona stepped up the intensity with a remix intro before getting into ‘Hollow Bodies’ which sent the crowd wild. Newer songs ‘Walk on Water’ and ‘Dead Air’ made the setlist however it crowds favourites from the previous three albums such as ‘Youngbloods’, ‘Promised Ones’ and ‘What’s Left of Me’ that really got the crowd pumped, that and the fact, front-man Beau Bokan offered a high five to anyone who crowd surfed over the barrier. Bokan had so much energy, bouncing around the stage and spraying the front rows with water, it almost felt as though the stage was just too small for him.  He even fell off at one point trying to climb along the side, however he managed to get back up and carry on without even missing a beat. Asking Alexandria’s cheeky guitarist Ben Bruce added to the entertainment by throwing cups off the side of stage at blessthefall’s guitarist Eric Lambert, just for a laugh. Before too soon it was the end of the set, with one last chance to sing along with the band, they finished off with ‘You Wear a Crown but You’re No King’.

It didn’t seem possible at this point but the intensity levels rose again as the crowd waited anxiously for Asking Alexandria to take the stage. These Australian shows were some of the first shows for the band since the release of their latest album The Black and us Aussies were keen to hear them, especially with new vocalist Denis Stoff.

As soon as the intro started, the floor was filled with a sea of screaming, cheering fans ready to give the band a warm Adelaide welcome and sing along to the opening lines of ‘I Won’t Give In’. ‘Let It Sleep’ and ‘The Black’ also featured in the set and showcased just how much the band has grown and matured musically. While Stoff and ex vocalist Danny Worsnop are two completely different musicians, there are some similarities between the two in terms of vocal styles, especially evident when the band played older material, however Denis Stoff has an incredible vocal range, breathing new life into tracks such as ‘Breathless’, ‘Not the American Average’ and ‘A Prophecy’ which sent the crowd nuts. In my opinion Stoff pulled off these songs a lot better than I have ever seen Worsnop do so live in the past. The entire set was filled with energy and enthusiasm from the band that was fully reciprocated by the crowd. Asking Alexandria thanked their fans and left the stage, only to return shortly after for the encore of ‘The Final Episode (Lets Change the Channel), with the entire room shouting ‘OH. MY. GOD’ at the top of our lungs. It was pretty safe to say everyone left HQ hot and sweaty but happy with a huge smile across their faces (and not just because Ben Bruce showed everyone his nipple). Both Buried in Verona and Blessthefall played great sets and with this being my third time seeing Asking Alexandria, it was their best show yet. The night felt like one huge party that never wanted to end. They did not disappoint Adelaide fans, it was energetic, it was heavy and it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday night.

Live Music Review: AC/DC


The Hives, Kingswood

Adelaide Oval

21st of November 2015

Growing up, I can always remember listening to AC/DC. My parents always had one of their albums around, whether it was in the car or blasting through the speakers at home. I was so excited and happy, even felt honoured to be able to finally see the rock legends play live this year as part of their ‘Rock or Bust’ tour in Adelaide.

Unfortunately we weren’t at Adelaide oval in time to catch young Melbourne band, Kingswood open up the night. Knowing they put on a great show after seeing them at Groovin’ the Moo last year, I hope the early crowd gave them a good audience.

We found ourselves a great viewpoint in Oval A just in time to catch a set from Swedish rockers The Hives. Confident front man Pelle Almquist had moves very ‘Jagger’ like and threw cheeky comments and statements at the crowd, even asking them at one point to yell insults at the band. Their tunes gave rhythm to get you ‘bopping’ along on the spot and their matching attire gave them a very professional look creating a somewhat entertaining performance. At least they eventually managed to get the crowd pumped and ready to go for the main event of the night.

As the intro video played out, the crowd joined with it shouting ‘ANGUS!’ before the stage came alight and alive as AC/DC emerged for title song ‘Rock or Bust’.

Brian Johnson wandered from one side of the stage to the other, while Angus Young did his famous ‘duck walk’ and hopping about like a schoolboy in uniform (literally), proving that age is just a number. The crowd too followed this motto, ranging from some elderly fans among the mostly middle aged group, through to one boy who was a couple of rows in front of us, who would have been no more than 5 years old!

Everyone was happy with the set list full of classics like ‘Back in Black’, ‘Thunderstruck’ ‘High Voltage’ and ‘Hells Bells’ (complete with a giant swinging AC/DC bell). There was head banging and devil horns galore and as the sky grew darker, the stands lit up with glowing and flashing red devil horns headbands, many fans had bought from the merchandise tents beforehand.

The crowd really got dancing and in a sing-along mood with ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ and ‘T.N.T’, preparing themselves for ‘Let There Be Rock’ which featured a guitar solo from Angus, the longest guitar solo I have ever heard, playing over 10 minutes, complete with confetti and the whole stage to himself. The band then rejoined him on stage, through the pyrotechnic flames for the encore of ‘Highway to Hell’ and of course rounding out the evening with ‘For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)’.

While it wasn’t much of a talkative affair between the band and the crowd, it didn’t need to be. We were there to party and rock and that is what we did. Who knows how long it will be until we see AC/DC back in Adelaide, if at all. The night was an incredible ‘Acca Dacca’ experience I will never forget.



Bonython Park, Adelaide


Although tired and sore from the day before, I still managed to jump up out of bed and get to Bonython Park early, ready for another (and much hotter) day of Soundwave!

The gates opened up early which left a huge time space between opening times and the first bands starting, so after what felt like a lifetime of waiting, Dayshell finally kicked things off on stage 3. Shayley Bourget’s vocals soared high, sounding pretty flawless as the band played through most of their only album (yet). A great start to the day!

Quite soon after, I headed over to listen to This Wild Life for what singer Kevin Jordan described is otherwise known as ‘The Mosh Intermission’. The band were probably the softest on the entire Soundwave line up this year and by that I don’t mean soft on talent, just that they play acoustic guitars! ‘Concrete’ and ‘No More Bad Days’ were definitely highlights of the set along with the acoustic duo’s cover of Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Sleepwalking’ which helped skyrocket them to success on YouTube.

Escaping from the heat for a while, I found myself a shady spot under a tree to listen to The Wonder Years deliver Adelaide a serve of their pop punk goodness for the early afternoon before heading over to watch Glasgow’s Twin Atlantic on the main stage. Having never listened to the band pre-Soundwave, I was really impressed with what I heard. Great sound, great accents, and they had a good sense of humour to go with them. What more could you want?

Sydney’s Tonight Alive have had a busy couple of years in demand, touring extensively here and overseas, and because of that one thing is certain. They know how to put on a good show!  Jenna McDougall, one of the only female vocalists of the day, was charismatic and caring towards the crowd, ensuring they were all looking out for each other and staying smart in the sun. The band played through many hits from both The Other Side and What Are You So Scared Of, while also throwing a triple cover medley of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name’, ‘Know Your Enemy’ and ‘Guerrilla Radio’ into the mix.

Next up were the lovable boys in All Time Low who are no strangers to Australia or our summer weather and made sure to dress appropriately. All except poor guitarist Jack Barakat who obviously didn’t get the memo, sporting black skinny jeans. He felt no shame in fixing the problem by dropping his pants on stage of course. Barakat’s onstage banter and mannerisms alone make for quite an entertaining set but team it with great vocals from Alex Gaskarth and fan favourite songs from most of the bands albums and you have yourself a winner. Some fans were even lucky enough to get pulled up on stage to help sing ‘Time Bomb’. It was probably one of my favourite sets of the day and I hope the band’s new album Future Hearts will bring All Time Low back for a headlining tour really soon!

As we settled into the evening, Escape the Fate were the perfect band to rock out to as they graced the stage, looking like total rockstars with the instrumentals and vocals to prove it. The band’s killer new album Ungrateful had the goods with the title track, ‘One for the Money’ and ‘Live Fast, Die Beautiful’ meanwhile older fans of the band enjoyed rocking/moshing to ‘This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)’ and ‘The Flood’.

Of Mice & Men were welcomed onstage by cheering and screaming from their ever growing fan base. We were treated to heaps of songs from the band’s latest album Restoring Force, including Broken Generation from their new reissue of the album which was a pleasant surprise. Their newer material, although incorporating more cleaner singing and melodies, still manages to come off pretty heavy live which made for many happy metal-core/metal enthusiasts in the crowd. Bodies were head banging, and jumping around and a couple of walls of death were even witnessed however an OM&M set is not complete without a ‘Second & Sebring’ sing along to bring the emotion out in everyone, especially vocalist Austin Carlile.

Although it felt like everything was slowly winding down, including the heat, really everything was just getting started as the headlining acts for the day took to the stage.

Slipknot had a super impressive stage set up to match their headling status, complete with flames and a huge glowing devil. The band attracted the largest crowd of the day for what was probably the loudest performance of the day. From classics ‘Psychosocial’ and ‘The Heretic Anthem’, all the way to hits from Slipknots most recent album .5: The Gray Chapter such as ‘The Negative One’ and ‘The Devil In I’, the crowd were lapping up every minute of it!

We walked over to check out the second half of the set from Fall Out Boy but sadly didn’t last there long. Shortly after finding a good viewing spot, the boyfriend managed to get stung and bitten by inch ants which resulted in a trip to the medical tent (I told him he should have worn boots!) Anyway we managed to make it back in time to watch ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark’ ‘Centuries’ and ‘Thnks fr th Mmrs’ which made for an enjoyable ending to an eventful day.

Although feeling extremely tired and sore, I left the park grinning from ear to ear. What a fantastic weekend of music! All bands on both days should be commended for playing through the heat and not letting it affect their performances. As for Soundwave in Adelaide, farewell for now and thanks for the memories. Depending on the line up next year, a road trip to Melbourne for the festival is definitely on the cards!



Bonython Park, Adelaide



To say the weather was hot in Adelaide last weekend is a complete understatement, however many avid music fans still made their way to Bonython Park to give Soundwave a decent send off, after it was announced that the festival was unlikely to return to Adelaide in 2016.

As the gates opened I hurried in and headed straight for the signing tent, before walking around and familiarising myself with the stages, (good idea since the stage numbers and set up didn’t exactly match the maps that were being handed out!)

Other years I have had to run all over the place all day in order to catch all the bands I wanted to see. This year, it was nice to wander around for a bit and absorb in the atmosphere as the park woke up and the first bands of the day started to play. I found myself grooving along to a bit of Area 7 before checking out Patent Pending, who were playing their pop punk tunes for the first time ever down under. Definitely a band worth checking out!

Back to the main stage, my first full set of the day was Hollywood Undead who filled the field with their mixes of hip hop and rock.The sun didn’t appear to defeat the fans or the bands performance one bit but I bet those boys were sweating under those masks!

MCR fans swarmed in to see the band’s ex-frontman Gerard Way strut his solo stuff on the mainstage a little later in the day. I am not as familiar with his solo work as I am with his former band but Way did a good job and can put on a good show. I slightly hoped that he would break out into ‘Welcome to the Black Parade‘ or something mid-way through. I know, My Chemical Romance have been broken up nearly two years and I’m still not over it!

After missing Crown the Empire at the Adelaide Warped tour in 2013 due to timetable clashes, I wasn’t going to let myself miss them this time! Playing to a decent crowd, the band’s set list mainly consisted of songs from their latest album The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways. ‘Machines’ was definitely a highlight although a few older hits like ‘The One You Feed’ and ‘Memories of a Broken Heart’ thrown in would have been perfect.

The crowd around stage 5 appeared to evaporate, (probably to get out of the heat) which left Sleepwave to play to a fairly disappointing sized group. Going into their set, I knew of the band but had not really listened to them beforehand. Vocalist Spencer Chamberlain (formerly of Underoath) tried his best to get people who were sitting under the trees up off their feet and the band managed to have a few more listeners by the end of their set. The band have at least one new fan however as I really liked their sound and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Another band I definitely recommend listening to!

The Color Morale were one band I had been looking forward to seeing all day. Garret Rapp is an awesome motivational and inspirational vocalist who really works the crowd well and the energy both the band and the crowds put into their shows is amazing.  Fans leapt at the chance to throw themselves around and head bang to songs like ‘Suicide; Stigma’ and ‘Learned Behaviour’. I was almost taken out by a crowd surfer after their scuffle with the security guards but I survived. So worth it to be at barrier for one of my favourite bands.

As the weather was slowly beginning to cool down, it was time for me to wander back over to the signing tent and meet the guys in The Color Morale, making sure to thank them for putting on an awesome performance. They were truly some of the nicest and most genuine guys who you can tell are sincerely grateful for all the support they receive and the opportunity to play their music around the world.

When Falling in Reverse were announced they were playing Soundwave this year, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who shouted FINALLY! It’s been a long time coming for the band, after spending the past few years not making it any further than the rumoured list. It was great to finally see Falling In Reverse on Australian soil not to mention the crowd rocking out to their entire set including songs like ‘Alone’ that had been so heavily criticised when it was released for being so different and experimental. Whether he sings, raps, screams or growls, vocalist Ronnie Radke can perform live really well and now that he is allowed in the country, hopefully we will get to see the band more often!

As the sun started to set, the field of the main stages was the perfect place to sit and chill out to Soundgarden before watching the last sets of the day.

Stage 3 headliners New Found Glory had my full and undivided attention for the final slot of the evening, showing us all that even after 18 years as a band, they still know how to put on a good show, even better, they know what songs to play! The crowd went crazy from the get go, even for newer tracks like ‘Selfless’ and ‘Resurrection’. The band even threw in their cover of Sixpence None the Richer’s ‘Kiss Me’ but of course it was classics like ‘All Down Hill From Here’ and ‘My Friends Over You’ that got the greatest reaction.

An enjoyable ending to fun packed day one of Soundwave!




Violent Soho

Ceres/ Hydromedusa

HQ Adelaide

Sunday 23rd of November 2014

By Kayla Schultz

When Violent Soho announced their No Sleep Til’ Mansfield tour, we all knew it could only mean one thing… PARTY! and that is certainly what it was at HQ in Adelaide on Sunday night!

It was great to see lots of punters out early to see Adelaide’s own Hydromedusa opening the night and proving that rock ‘n’ roll is still alive and kicking. Melbourne’s Ceres entertained us with their pop-rock tunes and musically the performance was good although their vocalist  seemed a little awkward when it came to the talk in between songs, however that was to be expected since he warned us all, right before they started playing.

By the third intermission, the room was full and the crowd was pumped and ready to go, breaking out into song and dance for Rage Against the Machines, ‘Killing in the Name’. Quite soon after, Violent Soho took to the stage and were warmly greeted by a room of cheers.

As soon the opening chords and the drums kicked in for ‘Dope Calypso’, the mosh was alive with a frenzy of arms and legs of crowd surfers. The band didn’t waste any time smashing through hit after hit; mainly from their Hungry Ghost album including crowd favourites such as ‘Sarmona Said’ and of course ‘Covered in Chrome’, which had the entire room shouting the ‘Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah’s’ at the top of their lungs. Older favourites ‘Neighbour, Neighbour’ and ‘Muscle Junkie’ where also in the set list and went off just as well. I do not believe there was any song on the set list that didn’t see at least two crowd surfers making their way to the barrier.

Violent Soho are definitely a band who can pull of a live show well as Luke Boerdam’s vocals sound just as amazing live as they do on the albums. Not only could the night be described as a party, but also a hair frenzy with guitarist James Tidswell, bassist Luke Henery and drummer Michael Richards all with long locks made for head banging and swirling around. Couple this with the crazy but almost seizure inducing lighting on stage, and it was nearly enough to make your head start spinning.

Sadly all shows must come to an end however, and as the long finale of ‘Ok Cathedral’ began to ring out, the crowd had already began to yell for one last song. The band returned and rewarded everyone with two more songs, ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ and ‘Love is a Heavy Word’, dedicated to the older fans who listened to the band before this year.

Many people left the show sweaty and quite a few fans would have left sore I’m sure but from the smiles on everyone’s faces, it looks like it was definitely worth it and I totally agree!


The Used / Taking Back Sunday

With Corpus

HQ, Adelaide

21st of August 2014

By Kayla Schultz

When it comes to live shows, The Used and Taking Back Sunday are seasoned professionals. Having had careers spanning 13 and 15 years respectively, both bands have been dominating the United States with co-headlining dates this year. Now, they were finally here in Australia and Adelaide was lucky enough to be the first city to welcome them back with a sold out show!

Corpus got the night started and warmed up the crowd who had already managed to get through the door. The Sydney duo displayed a performance that one could call ‘post hardcore meets hair frenzy’, with both vocalist and guitarist, Keiron Steel and drummer Jack Bruun-Hammond having quite long hair. All the more hair to head bang with right?

Taking Back Sunday played a mix of old and new tracks, kicking things off with ‘Stood A Chance’ from their latest album ‘Happiness Is’ before taking us back a few years to ‘Louder Now’ with ‘Liar (It Takes One to Know One)’. Adam Lazzara impressed the crowd with his microphone tricks and entertained us with his comments on the importance of compression socks on long flights. Songs like ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ and ‘Cute without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team)’ had fans moving along in sing song and an encore of ‘MakeDamnSure’ finished the set on a high.

As lights once again dimmed and the prelude began, the room went absolutely mental and erupted into cheers as The Used took the stage, with vocalist Bert McCracken leading the crowd into their latest hit ‘Cry’. The Used had made sure there was something for everyone, including any new listeners in the crowd, however they were sure to reward their old school, diehard fans with many classics such as ‘I Caught Fire’, ‘All That I’ve Got’ and ‘Buried Myself Alive’. My younger teen-self felt right at home, singing along with the rest of the room. McCracken’s stage presence was outstanding, engaging with and even orchestrating the crowd at one point, while he used the time between songs to reflect on his life experiences and speak about love, politics and freedom.

All too soon, it was announced that the band only had one more song left, finishing with ‘Pretty Handsome Awkward’ however of course they weren’t done yet, shortly returning for a two song encore; starting with McCracken and guitarist Quinn Allman’s emotional acoustic rendition of ‘On My Own’. You are only kidding yourself if you said you couldn’t feel yourself starting to tear up! The rest of the band re-joined on stage for the final song, beginning as the opening of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ before sailing into the bands own ‘Box Full of Sharp Objects’, finishing with the end of Rage Against the Machines ‘Killing in the Name of’.

It is not every day that we get to witness such a show quite like the one experienced tonight at HQ. The sheer amount of energy that could be felt was amazing. The sing alongs, the clapping and overall movement of the crowd just proved how strong the music community can be in creating a feeling of togetherness. After all these years, both Taking Back Sunday and The Used have proved that they’ve still got it, delivering what can only be described as one unforgettable rock show!

Live Music Review: Earthwalker Tour

20140409-045948.jpgIn Hearts Wake

Dream On Dreamer, Being As An Ocean (USA), Endless Heights and Sierra

Fowlers Live, Adelaide

Friday 6th of June

As South Australia’s own Sierra warmed up the stage at Fowlers last Friday night, it was fantastic to see that so many people had turned up early to support the smaller acts. The band managed to play to a fairly decent crowd however the amount of people in the venue at the time didn’t compare to the fans outside still waiting in the long line to get in. When it’s a sold out show, you’ve got to be early!

As everyone moseyed back to the bar and merch tables between sets, I quickly made my way to the front for a good viewing point for Endless Heights who were up next. Having seen them supporting Northlane last year on the Worldeater tour, it was great to see them again and hear some of their new material live. I’m surprised this talented Sydney band aren’t bigger than what they are, but I think after this tour they will have gained at least a few more fans.

Fowlers went wild as San Diego’s Being As An Ocean took to the stage, all except vocalist, Joel Quartuccio who decided to pit was the place to be. He was welcomed with open arms as the melodic hard-core five piece poured their hearts and souls into a set list that was rewarded with many emotional sing-alongs. The heartfelt lyrics along with the immense amount of energy given by the band and the crowd made for an unforgettable set.

Dream On Dreamer knew exactly the right songs to keep the liveliness going with The World In Front of Me, Downfall and of course one of their most well-known tracks Ambitions, to keep even their older fans happy. Although the band were sadly playing without their drummer this tour, their fill in drummer was equally up to the task and their performance was not diminished. I have watched Dream On Dreamer live on a couple of occasions now and I thought this was their best show I have seen yet.

Since In Hearts Wake’s latest album was based around the earth, environment and everything green, the ‘Earthwalker tour itself’ wouldn’t have been complete without the vine covered amps and microphone stands. Some ‘Earthwalker’ lanterns (exactly like the ones in their music video) were even placed around the stage to flicker in the background and add effect.

As the opening interlude Gaia rang out, In Hearts Wake jumped on stage and got straight down to business with new hits Earthwalker and Sacred. Having only released their new album just over a month ago, it was amazing to see the new tracks go off live just as well as the bands already tested and tried crowd favourites such as Traveller and Survival. Frontman Jake Taylor’s vocals boomed over the room while the crowd helped sing along to the choruses with clean vocalist, Kyle Erich to enable his parts to soar over the louder instruments. Fans surfed their way to the front any chance they got, which made for a sea of bodies flying left right and centre the entire time. As Departures signalled the end of the set, we were left shouting for one more song which we were granted, with the band returning shortly after for an encore of Divine to top off a great night.

What makes these small shows so great, especially in the metalcore/hardcore genres, is the sense of community that is felt by everyone who attends. All the bands for the evening put in 110% and you could tell just how blessed and happy they were to be there, playing for their fans and that none of them would have wanted to be anywhere else.






Upcoming Live Shows/ Future Reviews

So this week I have added a few more shows to my gig list for the coming months

June 6th: Earthwalker Tour – In Hearts Wake, Dream On Dreamer, Being As An Ocean, Endless Heights, Sierra

June 26th: The Rampage Tour – Deez Nuts, Confession, Hand of Mercy, Thorns

August 21st: The Used and Taking Back Sunday co-headline tour

September 5th: Neck Deep and State Champs co-headline tour with Sidelines

+ many local shows around the place hopefully!

Live Music Review: Groovin the Moo Festival @ Oakbank

Groovin the Moo

Oakbank Racecourse

Friday 25th of April 2014


By Kayla Schultz

It has taken 10 years since the festival initially started but on Friday, Oakbank racecourse finally hosted South Australia’s first and sold out might I add, Groovin the Moo festival!

Adelaide rockers Bad//Dreems opened the Triple J stage with good vibes to start the day. It was still early but the band managed to pull a decent crowd which was good to see so many turning out to support the small local act.

Kingswood were my next band to see for the day. The indie rock group from Melbourne certainly had an entertaining set, complete with technicians in hazmat suits and gas masks. With songs that were easy to dance and rock along to, it was all smiles and laughs from the band and their listeners.

Twos hours into the festival, I wandered over to the sheltered ‘Moolin Rouge’ stage for a look, and managed to get a front barrier position for Melbourne’s Loon Lake. The five piece set the tent alight with a dance party which included a split rendition of their song The Week with Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble, acover of The Darkness’s I Believe in a Thing Called Love and of course the band’s own Cherry Lips.

The tent then became a tuna can as fans packed in tighter to the front of the stage, trying to get as close as possible to Australian hardcore royalty, Parkway Drive. The large crowd were chanting for the band even before the technicians were finished setting up the stage. The excitement levels rose to maximum levels as the band appeared through the thick smoke and ripped straight into crowd favourites Dark Days and Sleepwalker. But it seemed as though no sooner had the band walked on stage, that they were saying goodbye, even before their usual closer and biggest song Carrion!

Parkway Drive’s cut set left more than a few fans slightly disappointed however most of them stuck around for the next act, Brisbane’s Violent Soho. The band allowed the crowd to keep the circle pits alive playing fan favourites galore and the band’s most popular tune Covered in Chrome managed a full crowd sing along,

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, I headed over to the Triple J stage again to catch Karnivool. I hadn’t heard much of their music going into this festival but nevertheless I had to see the band that had taken the crown for Best Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal album at the Aria awards last year. Since they share the same frontman, Ian Kenny, Karnivool are sort of like a rockier, edgier version of Birds of Tokyo which made for a great and enjoyable start to the evening.

Straight from Cochella Festival in the US, New Zealand group, The Naked and Famous had its crowd moving with dance tunes like Punching in a Dream and Young Blood but the vocals from singer Alisa Xayalith were drained out by the instruments some of the time, making it difficult for people listening/standing at the back to hear. Not a disaster though as most of the crowd knew the words to their songs anyway.

The Triple J stage got the sound in check for Aussie group, The Jezabels who played a pleasantly mellow festival set with songs like Endless Summer and Mace Spray, giving everyone a chance to relax and re-energize before the headlining acts.

The sky had looked like it had been threatening to rain all day, and about 10 minutes into Dizzee Rascal’s set, the heavens finally decided to open up. The rain settled in but didn’t water down the spirits of the festival goers who stayed to watch the English rapper do his thing and it was songs like Baseline Junkie and his cover of Florence and the Machine’s You’ve Got the Love that had the festival paddock turn into a mud puddle dance floor. The double encore of Bonkers called the finish to Dizzee Rascals set. By this time, I was completely soaked from the rain, and decided it was best to call it a day.

As festivals go, this was very well put together and organised, with my only real complaint being the need for improved food stalls to avoid the long lines but all in all I think it is pretty safe to say, South Australia’s first Groovin the Moo was a success and hopefully it will return to Oakbank in the many years to come!

Live Music Review: Soundwave 2014

soundwave-2014-lineupSaturday March 1st, 2014

Bonython Park, Adelaide

By Kayla Schultz

Soundwave festival had once again arrived in Adelaide on Saturday for its second to last show for the year. The day started to heat up quickly as thousands of happy music fans flocked to Bonython Park.

After getting through the gates and taking a look around the signing tent, I wandered over to watch the first few songs from Real Friends. Their crowd was small but lively, as the Illinois five piece started the day off with a dose of pop-punk goodness.

I headed over to catch Mayday Parade open Stage 3 however sound/microphone problems caused some difficulties in hearing vocalist Derek Sanders over the rest of the band. Luckily the majority of their listeners knew all the words, creating for a ‘choir of voices’ sing along set with songs such as ‘Ghosts’, ‘When You See My Friends’ and ‘Jersey’.

Being a bit on the shorter side, I was in amongst a taller crowd waiting between Stage 3 and the annex beside it, so I didn’t actually see The Story So Far, but what I heard of them was enjoyable. The double stages this year allowed for less sound check/waiting time between bands. As soon as one band finished on one stage, the next band started on the other, helping the day run smoothly.

As the beginning of ‘Don’t Pray for Me’ kicked into gear, fans prepared themselves as Asking Alexandria took to the stage. Playing a mixture of old favourites and some new material from their latest album ‘From Death to Destiny’, the set really helped display the evolution of Danny Worsnop’s voice and scream. Okay, so he can’t exactly scream like he could in ‘Stand Up and Scream’, but that didn’t stop the band playing songs such as ‘Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel). It was throughout the newer songs that Worsnop’s voice shone, sounding more comfortable with the rockier tone. The pit was hectic and after the first two songs up front, I moved a little further back to enjoy the rest of the 40 minute set which I think many people will agree, just wasn’t long enough! Please don’t wait another two years before coming back boys!

Along with the impressive international acts brought over for the festival, it was great to see Australian acts get their names on the line up too, showcasing some of the great talent this country has to offer. The first two Aussie acts, I saw for the day were Deez Nuts and In Hearts Wake who were hitting up sheltered stages 6A and B. Fans of both bands respectively unique hardcore/metalcore tunes were leaping at the opportunity to throw in a mosh and kick up some dirt, which created a feeling of it being just a party of friends under a big blue tent.

Back out into the sun I went as I made my way over to the main stages to get a good spot for A Day to Remember. After only touring here just last July, A Day to Remember are definitely no strangers to Aussie shores. We love them over here! The set was filled 5 albums worth of crowd favourites which saw Jeremy McKinnon in a massive inflatable ball ‘crowd rolling’ during ‘Its Complicated’ and a heap of toilet paper being thrown around in All Signs Point to Lauderdale’. This was finally a chance to hear some of the bands newer songs from ‘Common Courtesy’ which sounded fantastic live! They may have closed with song Downfall of Us All’ but after that performance my spirit was still definitely up high.

I quickly ran back over to stage 6 to see the remainder of Suicide Silence. Soundwave has been the band’s first lot of shows since the tragic passing of vocalist Mitch Lucker in late 2012, but new vocalist Eddie Hermida and the band did not disappoint, giving a great performance that I’m sure Mitch would have been proud of.  I will look forward to hearing their new album when it is released later this year.

The sunshine was slowly finally beginning to subside and I decided to relax a bit and wander around the stages for a bit, listening to Terror and Dream On, Dreamer before even going over to see the great Rob Zombie doing his thing over on the far stage. As it was getting later into the evening, there were many smaller acts having to compete against the likes of Korn, Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, and of course headliners Green Day. It was impressive to see these smaller bands hold their own and most of them still pull decent crowds.

The Ghost Inside played a tight set, which I managed to catch the end of after walking back to the tent. Pennsylvanian metalcore band, Motionless in White were up next, playing songs mostly from latest album ‘Infamous’ with the addition of crowd favourite ‘Immaculate Misconception’ from their first album ‘Creatures’. The atmosphere was dark and eerie for the entire set however the mood did not dull once. Vocalist Chris Motionless thanked the crowd for sticking around to listen before the band closed with another older favourite ‘Abigail’.

To conclude my evening, I decided on watching Letlive. I hadn’t heard much of their music before soundwave however I had heard nothing but great things about them in these past few months, all of which were definitely correct. Front man Jason Butler screamed and threw himself around the stage the entire 40 minutes like an unstoppable force. The crowd rewarded the band with a circle pit as wide, if not wider than the stage. A very energetic and intense show with many of Butler’s lyrics holding a tight grasp on me and many others I’m sure. After that performance, Letlive had gained at least one new fan.

Of course with so many bands being packed into one huge day, it was impossible to see all of the bands I was looking forward to seeing, however every act that I did see were enjoyable and did a fantastic job in proving exactly why they belonged on the bill in the first place.

Sore and slightly sunburn, I left Bonython Park still buzzing with as much excitement as I had at the beginning of the day. Hopefully next year’s line-up will be just as impressive. Bring on Soundwave 2015!