MUSIC APPRECIATION POST #1: Architects and Stick to Your Guns



When listening to or reading about your favourite band/s, do you even think back to how you first found them or how you got into them, whether it be all those years ago or even more recently?

I remember that I became a fan of The Amity Affliction from a friend in high school who suggested I listen to them. It only took one song, one music video for me to be hooked completely which resulted in spending the evening searching ITunes for every song I could find from the band. This is not really a post about them however, I am talking more so about how being a fan of the Amity Affliction, led me to find another two bands that are now high up on the most played artists in my music library. I am talking about Architects and Stick to Your Guns. (You can probably imagine my excitement when it was announced this week that Architects were returning to Australia in April next year for a headlining tour supported by none other than Stick to Your Guns, Being As An Ocean and Stories!)

Before 2012, I had only heard a few songs from Architects (looking back now I wish I had listened to them sooner!). I thought they were a good band, I was just going through a ‘post-hardcore’ stage or something haha I don’t even remember now.  Anyway this all changed when I saw them supporting The Amity Affliction on the ‘Chasing Ghosts’ tour. They were great live and for me they were the stand out act out of the supports for the show. Afterwards, I listened to them a lot more and was so jealous of the other countries who get to see them on all of the awesome tours and festivals they’ve played. This year when they released Lost Forever // Lost Together, I fell absolutely in love! Such a solid album start to finish and had the perfect balance of heavy and soft instrumentals and of screams and clean vocals thanks to the diverse voice of Sam Carter. Although 2014 is coming to an end and so many awesome albums have been released, Lost Forever // Lost Together is still hands down my favourite of the year.  When The Amity Affliction announced that they were going to be touring nationally for their ‘Let the Ocean Take Me’ tour, I was thrilled to hear that they would again be bringing out Architects and they definitely did not disappoint. The energy and passion that Architects put into their music and live shows can be felt throughout an entire venue. An incredible experience.

Stick to Your Guns, again were a band I had not listened to much of before seeing live (I wish I had listened to these guys sooner too!). Last year, I was able to see Stick to Your Guns when they supported The Amity Affliction on their ‘Brothers in Arms’ tour. They are a band who also put so much energy and passion into their music and live performances. What also made the band stand out to me was the speeches from vocalist, Jesse Barnett in between the music. He doesn’t preach, he just speaks from the heart, about stories and experiences, life lessons that make you really think. At the time, my music listening habits were heavily of metal-core artists but Stick to Your Guns steered me back to the hardcore scene and are now a band I frequently listen to. Although they have only released ‘Nobody’ so far from their upcoming album ‘Disobedient’, I think 2015 will be a huge and probably successful year for Stick to Your Guns!

If I hadn’t gone to those Amity shows, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post about Architects and Stick to Your Guns, it would be about some other bands or maybe even not at all and in saying that, I am grateful for the friendships that bands build on the road and from touring that can sometimes, like in my case, help fans find other awesome bands. Social media has also been great in enabling connections to be made to other music fans worldwide, to seek new music and share thoughts on bands and live performances which is great since not everyone in my small town enjoys the same music I do.

This post may have seemed like a 700 word love letter about these two bands but it’s really just a reflection on how some of my favourite bands came to be my favourites. In this day and age, where social media is flooded with comments and posts of people posting complete hate and negativity towards artists and the music industry, I think it is good to sometimes take a step back and talk about the positives and about artists you enjoy, while also taking a trip down memory lane.