Blog Update!

Hi all!

Apologies for the delay of my warped tour review. The site has had a bit of downtime due to server changeover so I’ll have the review up as soon as I can!

The year is almost over! What a year it has been for the music industry! So many great albums have been released in 2013 with many more to look forward to in 2014!

Over the past few months, Betweenthemusicandmymind.com has grown to have almost 9000 views! 😀 hopefully it can hit 10000 views by the end of the year!

More content soon!

New content coming soon!

Again sorry for not posting as much as I had hoped to, my Internet is out of action and my new laptop hasn’t arrived yet! (fingers crossed in arrives by next week)

Anyway I am in the middle of reviewing Balance and Composure’s new album The Things We Think We’re Missing and that should be up soon! So watch this space 🙂

Apologies for not posting in the past few days. Internet has been down and my laptop is slower than a turtle, however the good news is that I am getting a new laptop soon!

Also Melbourne band, Evermore followed me on twitter today. I’ve been a fan of them for years and I had the chance to see them live when they opened for P!nk on her Funhouse tour. Such a great band! It was a bit of a fan girl moment for me.

Grateful for Ungrateful

^Lame title I know… anyway,

I’m a tad late, but I picked up Escape the Fate’s latest album ‘Ungrateful’ today, and I must say it is pretty good! I’ve been a fan of the band since Ronnie Radke was vocalist and continued on listening to them when Craig Mabbitt was recruited as new vocalist, although I wasn’t the biggest fan of ‘This War Is Ours’. I went off listening to them for a while, however I think ‘Ungrateful’ may just be the album that gets me listening to them more often!