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Bullet For My Valentine release new song!

Bullet for My Valentine have release new song ‘No Way Out’ which will feature on the bands new album ‘Venom’ due for release on August 14 through Sony Music Australia. Check out the lyric video for No Way Out below



Feature Band – Double Lined Minority

Feature Artist of the Week – Double Lined Minority



Eddie Salazar – Vocals/Guitar

Cameron Griffiths – Vocals/Guitar

Blair Klein – Bass

Jack Merriman – Drums

Formed – 2009

Based- Brisbane


Vocalist and Guitarist of Double Lined Minority, Eddie Salazar answered some of our questions about the band and what they are about. If you haven’t heard about DLM before, I suggest you have a listen because they are one of the best up and coming bands out of Australia right now! 

 How did you guy form a band and when did you start?

Eddie: We have been DLM since 2009. Cameron and I met each other in a school play. We had a jam backstage and decided to form a band.

What genre do you consider the band to fit into?

Eddie: I’m not a fan of labels… I would say DLM is a rock band. We like catchy stuff so I guess we’re a pop rock band, but again we aren’t 5SOS. Some would say pop punk…but we don’t sound like The Story So Far or Neck Deep (The ‘pop punk trend’ at the moment). Maybe Alternative Pop Punk?

 Who are some of your influences and favourite bands?

Eddie: Individually we all aspire from different areas of music. I love bands like Foo Fighters and Fall Out Boy, Cameron and Blair love their rap music and Jack loves his heavy and chilled music. In the end it kind of influences the sound we are trying to achieve… maybe aha

What musical aspirations do you hold for the band in 2015?

Eddie: We are releasing our new EP soon, so we’re really excited for that. We’ve got heaps planned for it and we hope to travel again.

What has been the bands biggest highlight or achievement so far?

Eddie: Playing Big Day Out a couple of times, but the most fun has been selling out a couple of our headlining tour shows. Feels great!

 What is instore for DLM in the next few months?

Eddie: Next few months involve new music and shows and that’s what matters!

Check out the Double Lined Minority’s new EP ‘Caught In The Crossfire’ on the bands bandcamp: 

Follow them on their social media sites and watch some of their music videos below!

Triple J Unearthed Page:







Chunk! No Captain Chunk! announce new album!

unnamedChunk! No Captain Chunk! have announced that they will be releasing their third album, titled ‘Get Lost, Find Yourself’ on May 15th via Fearless Records/Unified!

unnamed (1)


Track listing for ‘Get Lost, Find Yourself’

1. Playing Dead
2. City of Light
3. The Other Line
4. Set It Straight
5. Pull You Under
6. What Goes Around
7. Worst Case Scenario
8. Twist The Knife
9. Get Lost, Find Yourself
10. Every Moment

All Time Low release new music video!

Have you had the chance to check out All Time Low ‘s new music video for ‘Kids In the Dark’ yet? The song will feature on the bands new album ‘Future Hearts’ due for release on April 7th via Hopeless Records! If you weren’t keen for this new album already, after watching this music video… YOU WILL BE!


In Hearts Wake announce national Skydancer tour

Recently In Hearts Wake revealed on their Facebook page that they had been keeping a huge secret from fans for the past year and a half.



“Today we can finally unveil the secret that we’ve been keeping for the past 18 months. We will be releasing a new full length album titled “Skydancer” on May 1st. “Skydancer” was recorded alongside “Earthwalker” and is the second half of the album project we created in Michigan, late 2013. Everything from the concept, lyrics, tracklisting, album cover and artwork is aligned between the two records…Some of you may have also found the secret booklet hidden underneath the tray of the “Earthwalker” CD, which contained a set of unknown lyrics. We can now reveal that they’re the lyrics to the first single taken from Skydancer which is called ‘Breakaway’ ” (Music video for Breakaway below)


On Wednesday, the band announced a national Skydancer tour for the end of May and beginning of June, with supporting acts We Came As Romans, Beartooth and Storm the Sky! Talk about a huge line up!


 Tickets go on sale Thursday March 19th at 9am



Bonython Park, Adelaide


Although tired and sore from the day before, I still managed to jump up out of bed and get to Bonython Park early, ready for another (and much hotter) day of Soundwave!

The gates opened up early which left a huge time space between opening times and the first bands starting, so after what felt like a lifetime of waiting, Dayshell finally kicked things off on stage 3. Shayley Bourget’s vocals soared high, sounding pretty flawless as the band played through most of their only album (yet). A great start to the day!

Quite soon after, I headed over to listen to This Wild Life for what singer Kevin Jordan described is otherwise known as ‘The Mosh Intermission’. The band were probably the softest on the entire Soundwave line up this year and by that I don’t mean soft on talent, just that they play acoustic guitars! ‘Concrete’ and ‘No More Bad Days’ were definitely highlights of the set along with the acoustic duo’s cover of Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Sleepwalking’ which helped skyrocket them to success on YouTube.

Escaping from the heat for a while, I found myself a shady spot under a tree to listen to The Wonder Years deliver Adelaide a serve of their pop punk goodness for the early afternoon before heading over to watch Glasgow’s Twin Atlantic on the main stage. Having never listened to the band pre-Soundwave, I was really impressed with what I heard. Great sound, great accents, and they had a good sense of humour to go with them. What more could you want?

Sydney’s Tonight Alive have had a busy couple of years in demand, touring extensively here and overseas, and because of that one thing is certain. They know how to put on a good show!  Jenna McDougall, one of the only female vocalists of the day, was charismatic and caring towards the crowd, ensuring they were all looking out for each other and staying smart in the sun. The band played through many hits from both The Other Side and What Are You So Scared Of, while also throwing a triple cover medley of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name’, ‘Know Your Enemy’ and ‘Guerrilla Radio’ into the mix.

Next up were the lovable boys in All Time Low who are no strangers to Australia or our summer weather and made sure to dress appropriately. All except poor guitarist Jack Barakat who obviously didn’t get the memo, sporting black skinny jeans. He felt no shame in fixing the problem by dropping his pants on stage of course. Barakat’s onstage banter and mannerisms alone make for quite an entertaining set but team it with great vocals from Alex Gaskarth and fan favourite songs from most of the bands albums and you have yourself a winner. Some fans were even lucky enough to get pulled up on stage to help sing ‘Time Bomb’. It was probably one of my favourite sets of the day and I hope the band’s new album Future Hearts will bring All Time Low back for a headlining tour really soon!

As we settled into the evening, Escape the Fate were the perfect band to rock out to as they graced the stage, looking like total rockstars with the instrumentals and vocals to prove it. The band’s killer new album Ungrateful had the goods with the title track, ‘One for the Money’ and ‘Live Fast, Die Beautiful’ meanwhile older fans of the band enjoyed rocking/moshing to ‘This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)’ and ‘The Flood’.

Of Mice & Men were welcomed onstage by cheering and screaming from their ever growing fan base. We were treated to heaps of songs from the band’s latest album Restoring Force, including Broken Generation from their new reissue of the album which was a pleasant surprise. Their newer material, although incorporating more cleaner singing and melodies, still manages to come off pretty heavy live which made for many happy metal-core/metal enthusiasts in the crowd. Bodies were head banging, and jumping around and a couple of walls of death were even witnessed however an OM&M set is not complete without a ‘Second & Sebring’ sing along to bring the emotion out in everyone, especially vocalist Austin Carlile.

Although it felt like everything was slowly winding down, including the heat, really everything was just getting started as the headlining acts for the day took to the stage.

Slipknot had a super impressive stage set up to match their headling status, complete with flames and a huge glowing devil. The band attracted the largest crowd of the day for what was probably the loudest performance of the day. From classics ‘Psychosocial’ and ‘The Heretic Anthem’, all the way to hits from Slipknots most recent album .5: The Gray Chapter such as ‘The Negative One’ and ‘The Devil In I’, the crowd were lapping up every minute of it!

We walked over to check out the second half of the set from Fall Out Boy but sadly didn’t last there long. Shortly after finding a good viewing spot, the boyfriend managed to get stung and bitten by inch ants which resulted in a trip to the medical tent (I told him he should have worn boots!) Anyway we managed to make it back in time to watch ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark’ ‘Centuries’ and ‘Thnks fr th Mmrs’ which made for an enjoyable ending to an eventful day.

Although feeling extremely tired and sore, I left the park grinning from ear to ear. What a fantastic weekend of music! All bands on both days should be commended for playing through the heat and not letting it affect their performances. As for Soundwave in Adelaide, farewell for now and thanks for the memories. Depending on the line up next year, a road trip to Melbourne for the festival is definitely on the cards!



Bonython Park, Adelaide



To say the weather was hot in Adelaide last weekend is a complete understatement, however many avid music fans still made their way to Bonython Park to give Soundwave a decent send off, after it was announced that the festival was unlikely to return to Adelaide in 2016.

As the gates opened I hurried in and headed straight for the signing tent, before walking around and familiarising myself with the stages, (good idea since the stage numbers and set up didn’t exactly match the maps that were being handed out!)

Other years I have had to run all over the place all day in order to catch all the bands I wanted to see. This year, it was nice to wander around for a bit and absorb in the atmosphere as the park woke up and the first bands of the day started to play. I found myself grooving along to a bit of Area 7 before checking out Patent Pending, who were playing their pop punk tunes for the first time ever down under. Definitely a band worth checking out!

Back to the main stage, my first full set of the day was Hollywood Undead who filled the field with their mixes of hip hop and rock.The sun didn’t appear to defeat the fans or the bands performance one bit but I bet those boys were sweating under those masks!

MCR fans swarmed in to see the band’s ex-frontman Gerard Way strut his solo stuff on the mainstage a little later in the day. I am not as familiar with his solo work as I am with his former band but Way did a good job and can put on a good show. I slightly hoped that he would break out into ‘Welcome to the Black Parade‘ or something mid-way through. I know, My Chemical Romance have been broken up nearly two years and I’m still not over it!

After missing Crown the Empire at the Adelaide Warped tour in 2013 due to timetable clashes, I wasn’t going to let myself miss them this time! Playing to a decent crowd, the band’s set list mainly consisted of songs from their latest album The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways. ‘Machines’ was definitely a highlight although a few older hits like ‘The One You Feed’ and ‘Memories of a Broken Heart’ thrown in would have been perfect.

The crowd around stage 5 appeared to evaporate, (probably to get out of the heat) which left Sleepwave to play to a fairly disappointing sized group. Going into their set, I knew of the band but had not really listened to them beforehand. Vocalist Spencer Chamberlain (formerly of Underoath) tried his best to get people who were sitting under the trees up off their feet and the band managed to have a few more listeners by the end of their set. The band have at least one new fan however as I really liked their sound and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Another band I definitely recommend listening to!

The Color Morale were one band I had been looking forward to seeing all day. Garret Rapp is an awesome motivational and inspirational vocalist who really works the crowd well and the energy both the band and the crowds put into their shows is amazing.  Fans leapt at the chance to throw themselves around and head bang to songs like ‘Suicide; Stigma’ and ‘Learned Behaviour’. I was almost taken out by a crowd surfer after their scuffle with the security guards but I survived. So worth it to be at barrier for one of my favourite bands.

As the weather was slowly beginning to cool down, it was time for me to wander back over to the signing tent and meet the guys in The Color Morale, making sure to thank them for putting on an awesome performance. They were truly some of the nicest and most genuine guys who you can tell are sincerely grateful for all the support they receive and the opportunity to play their music around the world.

When Falling in Reverse were announced they were playing Soundwave this year, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who shouted FINALLY! It’s been a long time coming for the band, after spending the past few years not making it any further than the rumoured list. It was great to finally see Falling In Reverse on Australian soil not to mention the crowd rocking out to their entire set including songs like ‘Alone’ that had been so heavily criticised when it was released for being so different and experimental. Whether he sings, raps, screams or growls, vocalist Ronnie Radke can perform live really well and now that he is allowed in the country, hopefully we will get to see the band more often!

As the sun started to set, the field of the main stages was the perfect place to sit and chill out to Soundgarden before watching the last sets of the day.

Stage 3 headliners New Found Glory had my full and undivided attention for the final slot of the evening, showing us all that even after 18 years as a band, they still know how to put on a good show, even better, they know what songs to play! The crowd went crazy from the get go, even for newer tracks like ‘Selfless’ and ‘Resurrection’. The band even threw in their cover of Sixpence None the Richer’s ‘Kiss Me’ but of course it was classics like ‘All Down Hill From Here’ and ‘My Friends Over You’ that got the greatest reaction.

An enjoyable ending to fun packed day one of Soundwave!