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Asking Alexandria - the Black album cover

Any doubts about how Asking Alexandria would fare after the departure of singer Danny Worsnop, were erased when the UK metal-core group released single I Won’t Give In back in May last year, introducing Denis Stoff (Make Me Famous and Down & Dirty) to the world as the new vocalist for the band.  Fast forward to March 25th 2016, the band released their fourth and latest album The Black via Sumerian Records.

The Black is Asking Alexandria’s triumphant return to the forefront of the metal-core scene, bringing back all the heaviness we loved from the first two albums, that was lacking on From Death to Destiny (still a great album in its own right). Let it Sleep and The Black are the first two tracks on the album, heavy and fast paced from the get go. After listening to these two songs, I was pretty much hooked.

The album has the hard and fast tracks balanced out with softer, slower more ballad styled pieces in-between. Denis Stoff is a talented vocalist with an incredible range, going from calm clean vocals to the mightiest of screams and growls, flawlessly. Fans that enjoy Ben Bruce’s vocal abilities will be happy to know the album also features more solo parts from the guitarist/vocalist, an element that hasn’t really been featured since the first album. Bruce also has lead vocals on softer track, Gone.

Instrumentally, this album seems a lot more matured and tighter, which reflects the band’s new outlook and its regrouping, which you hear Ben Bruce discuss at the beginning of Sometimes It Ends.

Those that have always been a fan of the band will love this album. Have a listen to it for yourself. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have it on repeat for days. Asking Alexandria are back and better than ever. Their new album may be called The Black but for the band, this is a whole new chapter and their future is bright!

Tracks to listen to: Let It Sleep, The Black and The Lost SoulsI Won’t Give In and Undivided have catchy lyrics that will become sing along crowd favourites at shows in no time.

Rating: 10/10


Blink182 are a “pop punk” or “pseudo punk” rock band, when Enema of the State was released, the band consisted of Travis Barker (percussionist and vocalist), Mark Hoppus
(bass guitarist and co-vocalist), Thomus DeLonge (lead guitarist). It was released on June 1st, 1999 being their third album it featured 12 songs.

imagesThe overall feel of the album was to do with relationships ending or breaking up, although they did have a few songs in Enema of the State that broke that trend. Such as “Aliens Exist” which as the title suggests it is to do with aliens existing, depending on the copy whether it is live or not some of the lyrics may change as they like to have fun with their songs.

One of the other songs that had a different theme was “Adam’s Song”. This song is about teenage suicide, this song is played with care. It was inspired by an email of a child’s suicide letter to his parents. The song ended with the message that things will get better. This was classified as the band’s first mature song.

Most of the songs in the album have very similar beats you might find yourself having one set of lyrics stuck in your head and then end up jumping to a completely different song in your mind and not even realise that you changed songs for a moment or two.

Rating 8/10 

Album Review: Savages- Breathe Carolina




Breathe Carolina

Released: 18th of April 2014 via Fearless/Shock Records

It has been two years since they released Hell Is What You Make It: Reloaded (which featured Blackout, the single that pretty much planted them on the map). Now it is 2014 and Breathe Carolina are back, bringing with them, their latest album Savages.

During that time, unclean vocalist Kyle Even has left the band to pursue fatherhood, leaving remaining vocalist David Schmitt to pick up all the vocals for the now four piece, known for their fusion sound of electronic and rock music. Savages sees the group branching out wider into the electronic/dance genre while also managing to stay true to their rock influenced roots.

Sellouts’ was the first single released and the heaviest track of the album. Perfect for fans who love the more edgy rock sound of the group, the song includes guest vocals from Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop who adds the heaviness with his well-known growl. The track is catchy to the max, definitely worth a listen.

Having guest vocals is an element that hasn’t been seen on Breathe Carolina’s previous three albums. Tyler Carter (Issues) and Karmin also contribute to this record on tracks Chasing Hearts and Bang It Out respectively.

Now I will be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of electronic/dance music. To be honest, I am only just slowly starting to actually listen to the genre, but it is very hard not to enjoy this album. Whether it is loud, fast paced tracks or the slower, softer tunes that you’re looking for, Savages has something for everyone. From the opening song ‘Bury Me’ all the way to closing track ‘Mistakes’, it feels like one big dance party, energetic and upbeat. This album will not sound out of place on a club’s playlist anywhere.

Fan or not of the more mainstream electronic direction that Breathe Carolina have chosen to go in, you cannot deny just how catchy this album is.


Tracks to listen to: Bury Me, Sellouts (feat. Danny Worsnop), Savages, Chasing Hearts (feat. Tyler Carter)

Rating: 8/10






ALBUM REVIEW: Restoring Force- Of Mice & Men

Restoring Forceof_mice_and_men_restoring_force

Of Mice & Men

Released: 28th of January 2014 via Rise Records

Since the band released its first single ‘You’re Not Alone’, we knew we would be hearing a different side to Of Mice & Men on their latest album ‘Restoring Force’. With a new outlook and a new producer (David Bendeth), the Californian metalcore heroes challenged themselves and took a chance, broadening their style which seems to have paid off very well.

What makes the album so great you ask? Well it’s the combination of sounds that you hear start to finish. While maintaining part of their original heaviness and brutality, the band have added a nu-metal sound similar to that of their influences (the likes of Slipknot, Linkin Park and Korn) to help create what may possibly be one of the great rock albums released this year. Restoring Force is a product of hard work, evolution and growth that steps away from the same old, same old that has become slightly all too common in the metalcore scene and pushed Of Mice & Men forward into the bigger leagues of this music industry.

The album speaks for itself. Its truthful and honest with no messing around, packed with punch, breakdowns and melodies where needed along with choruses that will rise above when it comes to live shows. Austin Carlile has always been known for his unique vocal range which he extends even further in this album, giving himself more clean vocals than ever (vocals we only got a taste of in The Flood Re-issue). This is the first album from the band to include now full-time member Aaron Pauley on bass and clean vocals. Pauley’s soft, melodic vocals balance well together with Carlile’s screams and growls however he has proved he can hold his own, singing the lead parts in songs such as ‘Another You’. Vocals aside, the instrumentals on this record sound HUGE!

Anyone could pick up this album and take something from it, whether it only be one song or from the entire album. With just one listen, messages throughout the songs are heard loud and clear. It is obvious the lyrics are personal to the band but they are written in a way, on a level which fans can relate and grasp to. Fans of the older Of Mice & Men style will appreciate their heavier, bolder songs such as tracks ‘Public Service Announcement’ and ‘Break Free’ while ones who enjoys hearing Of Mice & Men’s softer side will value songs including ‘Space Enough to Grow’ the closing song of the album with vocals done completely by Pauley.

For Of Mice & Men to make it to where they are, it hasn’t been the smoothest of sailing. Carlile’s health problems and a few line-up changes left the band almost to a standstill, however the band as a whole, have re-energized and reflected on their past while moving forwards which has effectively put them on top of where they want to be.

With the album now released worldwide, Of Mice & Men have a big year of touring ahead of them, including a massive tour across North America with Bring Me the Horizon, their headliners in the UK and many festivals through Europe. Look out world! Of Mice & Men are definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Tracks to listen to:  Public Service Announcement, Feels Like Forever, Bones Exposed, You Make Me Sick, Identity Disorder and Space Enough to Grow.

Rating: 9.5/10