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It’s been over 2 years since In Hearts Wake wowed fans with their dual recorded albums Earthwalker and then Skydancer. They even April fooled everyone into thinking their next would be titled Seaskimmer, but no the boys from Byron Bay are back with their fourth release, Ark.

In Hearts Wake have continued their album making formula (If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it right?), starting with an instrumental interlude before ripping straight into single, Passage. It’s clear from the first line of the song, the theme of the album – Water, Earth’s most precious resource.

Third track, Nomad is made for live shows, with its bridge and chanting breakdown ‘Liberate Me’ set to go off, just as The Unknown and Survival have done so in the past.

Jake Taylor’s crushing vocals blend flawlessly with Kyle Erich’s voice, which works so well together. Erich’s vocal range has transformed since the band’s earlier work (especially Divination), allowing his parts to be grittier when needed.

Again, just like previous albums, the band come out blaring for the first few songs, before turning down the volume for a lighter, almost ballad-esque song. Ark’s answer to this is Arrow, showing the bands softer side, before turning it up loud once more.

While In Hearts Wake have already pretty much cemented their position as one of Australia’s favourite metalcore bands, the band have once again done what they do best, sing about what is close to them, with passion, in hopes to help change the world for the better.

Ark is the same In Hearts Wake we all know and love and Australia will get a taste of some of these songs live, come July when the band graces venues across the country in support of the album.

Rating: 7/10

Ark is out now via UNFD

ALBUM REVIEW: Tracing Back Roots- We Came As Romans

By Kayla Schultz


American melodic metalcore band We Came As Romans have released their third album Tracing Back Roots, which was released on the 23rd of July through Equal Vision Records.

We Came As Romans have produced an album with the same sound as their earlier albums and EPs with Kyle Pavone’s clean melodious voice and the screamed vocals of Dave Stephens creating the great vocal balance that fans have loved. Tracing Back Roots is a vocally cleaner album which also sees a first time appearance of clean vocals by Dave Stephens. While some fans may harshly critique the album for slight lack of the heavy breakdowns that appeared on the bands second album Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be, Tracing Back Roots still has its heavier tracks including opening title Tracing Back Roots and Present, Future and Past.

This album shines through its progressive story of the band dealing with the past, life of touring and being on the road, growing and not giving up. For existing and new fans of the band, Tracing Back Roots is filled with catchy, positive, and easy to sing along to material with the inclusion of anthem worthy choruses and verses making them perfect additions to We Came As Romans set lists for future shows.

While currently wowing the crowds at the Vans Warped Tour over in the US, it will be interesting to see how the Australian fans react to hearing We Came As Romans’ new songs live when they head to our shores for the Australian Warped Tour at the end of the year. Tracks to listen to: Fade Away, Never Let Me Go, Ghosts and of course Hope (Which also appeared on the deluxe reissue of Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be)

Rating: 9/10