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Asking Alexandria

Supported by Blessthefall and Buried in Verona

HQ Adelaide

10th of April 2016

Most people spend their Sundays resting for the long week of work ahead, however that wasn’t the case for the many keen music fans in Adelaide, lining up to catch Asking Alexandria on their first Australian headlining tour. If we had work or school the next day, not a care was given.

Sydney’s Buried in Verona were first up for the night and managed to pull a very decent crowd for an opening act, the crowd giving them plenty of energy in return. Songs like ‘Four Years’ and ‘Dig Me Out’, singled out the fans in the crowd, jumping at the chance to sing along with the words or start a circle pit.

It had been two years since Blessthefall had headlined the Boys of Summer tour in Australia, and with a new album under their belts, I was keen to see them play again. The quintet from Arizona stepped up the intensity with a remix intro before getting into ‘Hollow Bodies’ which sent the crowd wild. Newer songs ‘Walk on Water’ and ‘Dead Air’ made the setlist however it crowds favourites from the previous three albums such as ‘Youngbloods’, ‘Promised Ones’ and ‘What’s Left of Me’ that really got the crowd pumped, that and the fact, front-man Beau Bokan offered a high five to anyone who crowd surfed over the barrier. Bokan had so much energy, bouncing around the stage and spraying the front rows with water, it almost felt as though the stage was just too small for him.  He even fell off at one point trying to climb along the side, however he managed to get back up and carry on without even missing a beat. Asking Alexandria’s cheeky guitarist Ben Bruce added to the entertainment by throwing cups off the side of stage at blessthefall’s guitarist Eric Lambert, just for a laugh. Before too soon it was the end of the set, with one last chance to sing along with the band, they finished off with ‘You Wear a Crown but You’re No King’.

It didn’t seem possible at this point but the intensity levels rose again as the crowd waited anxiously for Asking Alexandria to take the stage. These Australian shows were some of the first shows for the band since the release of their latest album The Black and us Aussies were keen to hear them, especially with new vocalist Denis Stoff.

As soon as the intro started, the floor was filled with a sea of screaming, cheering fans ready to give the band a warm Adelaide welcome and sing along to the opening lines of ‘I Won’t Give In’. ‘Let It Sleep’ and ‘The Black’ also featured in the set and showcased just how much the band has grown and matured musically. While Stoff and ex vocalist Danny Worsnop are two completely different musicians, there are some similarities between the two in terms of vocal styles, especially evident when the band played older material, however Denis Stoff has an incredible vocal range, breathing new life into tracks such as ‘Breathless’, ‘Not the American Average’ and ‘A Prophecy’ which sent the crowd nuts. In my opinion Stoff pulled off these songs a lot better than I have ever seen Worsnop do so live in the past. The entire set was filled with energy and enthusiasm from the band that was fully reciprocated by the crowd. Asking Alexandria thanked their fans and left the stage, only to return shortly after for the encore of ‘The Final Episode (Lets Change the Channel), with the entire room shouting ‘OH. MY. GOD’ at the top of our lungs. It was pretty safe to say everyone left HQ hot and sweaty but happy with a huge smile across their faces (and not just because Ben Bruce showed everyone his nipple). Both Buried in Verona and Blessthefall played great sets and with this being my third time seeing Asking Alexandria, it was their best show yet. The night felt like one huge party that never wanted to end. They did not disappoint Adelaide fans, it was energetic, it was heavy and it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday night.



Asking Alexandria - the Black album cover

Any doubts about how Asking Alexandria would fare after the departure of singer Danny Worsnop, were erased when the UK metal-core group released single I Won’t Give In back in May last year, introducing Denis Stoff (Make Me Famous and Down & Dirty) to the world as the new vocalist for the band.  Fast forward to March 25th 2016, the band released their fourth and latest album The Black via Sumerian Records.

The Black is Asking Alexandria’s triumphant return to the forefront of the metal-core scene, bringing back all the heaviness we loved from the first two albums, that was lacking on From Death to Destiny (still a great album in its own right). Let it Sleep and The Black are the first two tracks on the album, heavy and fast paced from the get go. After listening to these two songs, I was pretty much hooked.

The album has the hard and fast tracks balanced out with softer, slower more ballad styled pieces in-between. Denis Stoff is a talented vocalist with an incredible range, going from calm clean vocals to the mightiest of screams and growls, flawlessly. Fans that enjoy Ben Bruce’s vocal abilities will be happy to know the album also features more solo parts from the guitarist/vocalist, an element that hasn’t really been featured since the first album. Bruce also has lead vocals on softer track, Gone.

Instrumentally, this album seems a lot more matured and tighter, which reflects the band’s new outlook and its regrouping, which you hear Ben Bruce discuss at the beginning of Sometimes It Ends.

Those that have always been a fan of the band will love this album. Have a listen to it for yourself. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have it on repeat for days. Asking Alexandria are back and better than ever. Their new album may be called The Black but for the band, this is a whole new chapter and their future is bright!

Tracks to listen to: Let It Sleep, The Black and The Lost SoulsI Won’t Give In and Undivided have catchy lyrics that will become sing along crowd favourites at shows in no time.

Rating: 10/10

Danny Worsnop parts ways with Asking Alexandria

ASKING_2014_315pxDanny Worsnop has announced that he has parted ways with Asking Alexandria to focus on his band We Are Harlot. Worsnop took to his twitter this morning with the following announcement:

“To all of my friends and fans: I would like to let you know that Asking Alexandria and I are moving forward in separate ways. Over the last eight years together we’ve done some amazing things and created something truly special. I now, same as then, want what’s best for the band and at this point in time, that isn’t me. Asking Alexandria will continue to tour throughout the year and will be working on a new album. I will always support and love Asking Alexandria and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. I am excited for the next chapter of my life with We Are Harlot and will see you all on the road! “

Asking Alexandria guitarist and vocalist Ben Bruce has commented on the departure via the bands Facebook page, assuring fans that the band is not breaking up or slowing down and will be touring through out the year with a new singer along with writing a new album! (Full status below)

“It’s with heavy heart that I must announce, yet I am sure comes as no surprise to you all, that Danny has decided to leave Asking Alexandria to pursue other musical interests. Before you lose your composure and think this is the end I would like to say that myself, James, Cam and Sam have all been in this since day one. We love Asking Alexandria and we love every single fan/AAFamily member around the world. As with any family there are ups and downs. There are good times and hard times. A family is there to support you and help you in your darkest hours. We have been and always will be there for you guys and just this once we ask for you guys to help us out. Be our strength and our shoulder to lean on. Asking Alexandria will not be slowing down. We are going to tour harder than ever and we are going to write the greatest record of our career. We are extremely excited to announce that we will be spending all summer touring the European festival circuit and across North America on the Vans Warped tour with our new singer, playing a set list FOR THE FANS. We know you are here for us and we know this might seem like a scary time for us all, but we will be fine. We will stand tall and prove to the world that Asking Alexandria is bigger than just one person. It’s bigger than just myself, James, Cam and Sam. Asking Alexandria is a family made up of the most dedicated fans around the globe and nothing and no one can hold us down. This isn’t the end, this is the start of a whole new chapter. This is where we come together and make history. We want to thank the key people who have stood by us: Ash Avildsen and Sumerian Records, Kevin Lyman and Warped Tour, our management team Kyle, Diony and everyone at 5B, and most importantly YOU reading this. Yes you, because without you, Asking Alexandria would not be possible. I cannot wait to share our new songs with you and I’m so SO excited to get back on the road and see you all again. Stay tuned to find out who the new singer of AA is. Take care of yourselves, stay positive and we will see you all very soon.


It will be interesting and awesome to see how 2015 unfolds as it looks like it will be a huge year for both bands!

Asking Alexandria release new music video

ASKING_2014_315pxAsking Alexandria have released a new music video for ‘Moving On’ from their latest album ‘From Death to Destiny’

A great music video featuring footage from their live shows plus giving people a little insight into how hard it is for musicians to be on the road all the time away from family and friends.

Such a great song, definitely worth watching! Check it out!


Punk Goes 90’s Volume 2


Fearless Records has announced the contributing artists for the volume 2 of Punk Goes 90’s compilation. The album will be made available on the 1st of April!

Track list
1. Get Scared – “My Own Worst Enemy”
originally performed by Lit
2. Memphis May Fire – “Interstate Love Song”
originally performed by Stone Temple Pilots
3. Asking Alexandria – “Closer” originally performed by Nine Inch Nails
4. The Color Morale – “Everlong” originally performed by Foo Fighters
5. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – “All Star” originally performed by Smash Mouth
6. Mayday Parade – “Comedown” originally performed by Bush
7. Motionless In White – “Du Hast” originally performed by Rammstein
8. Yellowcard – “Today” originally performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
9. Hands Like Houses – “Torn” originally performed by Natalie Imbruglia
10. The Ghost Inside – “Southtown” originally performed by P.O.D
11. Falling In Reverse – “Gangsta’s Paradise” originally performed by Coolio
12. Ice Nine Kills – “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” originally performed by Green Day

ALBUM REVIEW: From Death to Destiny- Asking Alexandria

By Kayla Schultz



It’s been a long two years for fans of metal-core band Asking Alexandria but finally the wait is over. Asking Alexandria’s third album From Death to Destiny was released August 6th through Sumerian Records.

The English rockers have certainly done a lot of growing up in those two years. While maintaining their electronic, metal-core sound, the band has also brought forward more mature material and a rockier sound which has greatly worked in their favour, producing an outstanding album.

As a band, Asking Alexandria have become well known for their partying attitude, especially in the case of vocalist Danny Worsnop who has had a past of alcohol and drug abuse. Opening track Don’t Pray for Me brings back these past experiences with audio clips of their infamous show in Seattle, Washington in 2011 with a very intoxicated Worsnop. Anyway the past is the past and Danny Worsnop has cleaned himself up. Nobody could agree more with the man, when he says in track The Death of Me from the new album, “I’m back and I’m better than ever”.

Danny Worsnop’s vocal style and voice has changed dramatically since the days of the band’s debut album Stand Up and Scream, however he certainly sounds more comfortable with his matured deeper, rockier voice and bark. Older fans of the band shouldn’t be disheartened by this album because of the addition of more synth/orchestral parts. Although not as heavy as some parts of their older material, From Death to Destiny is still filled with plenty of breakdowns and sleek guitar riffs. Bonus track Dead on the deluxe edition of the album, is one of the heaviest tracks Asking Alexandria have ever written and is definitely worth a listen. 

As you go through the tracks, the older style Rock ‘n’ Roll /metal sound influences really come together and shine, especially in track Moving On which is the equivalent to an 80’s rock flashback. Early interviews with Asking Alexandria state that members Worsnop and lead guitarist/vocalist Ben Bruce are influenced by older rock artists/ bands such as Mötley Crüe, Skid Row and Bon Jovi. The band have always wanted to bring back the style and attitude of the Rock ‘n’ Roll life and even while playing in the metal-core genre, Asking Alexandria are heading in the direction they’ve wanted to be going in all along.

It would have been good to hear a longer solo or two by Ben Bruce however that is just personal opinion. Fans of Ben Bruce’s vocal style should listen to second bonus track on From Death To Destiny, another acoustic version of Someone Somewhere, this time with vocals only by Bruce.

Asking Alexandria have completed their album with a rock mix of The Death of Me, a radio friendly version of the song, stripped of its breakdowns and filled with clean rock vocals and louder and stronger guitar riffs. Metal-core or Rock mix, the song works, just like the entire album.

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of AA, if you haven’t heard this album yet, go have a listen. You might even like it!

Tracks to listen to: Killing You, The Death of Me, Run Free, Poison, White Line Fever, Until the End (featuring ex-vocalist of Killswitch Engage, Howard Jones) and Moving On

Rating: 10/10