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It’s been over 2 years since In Hearts Wake wowed fans with their dual recorded albums Earthwalker and then Skydancer. They even April fooled everyone into thinking their next would be titled Seaskimmer, but no the boys from Byron Bay are back with their fourth release, Ark.

In Hearts Wake have continued their album making formula (If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it right?), starting with an instrumental interlude before ripping straight into single, Passage. It’s clear from the first line of the song, the theme of the album – Water, Earth’s most precious resource.

Third track, Nomad is made for live shows, with its bridge and chanting breakdown ‘Liberate Me’ set to go off, just as The Unknown and Survival have done so in the past.

Jake Taylor’s crushing vocals blend flawlessly with Kyle Erich’s voice, which works so well together. Erich’s vocal range has transformed since the band’s earlier work (especially Divination), allowing his parts to be grittier when needed.

Again, just like previous albums, the band come out blaring for the first few songs, before turning down the volume for a lighter, almost ballad-esque song. Ark’s answer to this is Arrow, showing the bands softer side, before turning it up loud once more.

While In Hearts Wake have already pretty much cemented their position as one of Australia’s favourite metalcore bands, the band have once again done what they do best, sing about what is close to them, with passion, in hopes to help change the world for the better.

Ark is the same In Hearts Wake we all know and love and Australia will get a taste of some of these songs live, come July when the band graces venues across the country in support of the album.

Rating: 7/10

Ark is out now via UNFD

In Hearts Wake announce national Skydancer tour

Recently In Hearts Wake revealed on their Facebook page that they had been keeping a huge secret from fans for the past year and a half.



“Today we can finally unveil the secret that we’ve been keeping for the past 18 months. We will be releasing a new full length album titled “Skydancer” on May 1st. “Skydancer” was recorded alongside “Earthwalker” and is the second half of the album project we created in Michigan, late 2013. Everything from the concept, lyrics, tracklisting, album cover and artwork is aligned between the two records…Some of you may have also found the secret booklet hidden underneath the tray of the “Earthwalker” CD, which contained a set of unknown lyrics. We can now reveal that they’re the lyrics to the first single taken from Skydancer which is called ‘Breakaway’ ” (Music video for Breakaway below)


On Wednesday, the band announced a national Skydancer tour for the end of May and beginning of June, with supporting acts We Came As Romans, Beartooth and Storm the Sky! Talk about a huge line up!


 Tickets go on sale Thursday March 19th at 9am

Live Music Review: Earthwalker Tour

20140409-045948.jpgIn Hearts Wake

Dream On Dreamer, Being As An Ocean (USA), Endless Heights and Sierra

Fowlers Live, Adelaide

Friday 6th of June

As South Australia’s own Sierra warmed up the stage at Fowlers last Friday night, it was fantastic to see that so many people had turned up early to support the smaller acts. The band managed to play to a fairly decent crowd however the amount of people in the venue at the time didn’t compare to the fans outside still waiting in the long line to get in. When it’s a sold out show, you’ve got to be early!

As everyone moseyed back to the bar and merch tables between sets, I quickly made my way to the front for a good viewing point for Endless Heights who were up next. Having seen them supporting Northlane last year on the Worldeater tour, it was great to see them again and hear some of their new material live. I’m surprised this talented Sydney band aren’t bigger than what they are, but I think after this tour they will have gained at least a few more fans.

Fowlers went wild as San Diego’s Being As An Ocean took to the stage, all except vocalist, Joel Quartuccio who decided to pit was the place to be. He was welcomed with open arms as the melodic hard-core five piece poured their hearts and souls into a set list that was rewarded with many emotional sing-alongs. The heartfelt lyrics along with the immense amount of energy given by the band and the crowd made for an unforgettable set.

Dream On Dreamer knew exactly the right songs to keep the liveliness going with The World In Front of Me, Downfall and of course one of their most well-known tracks Ambitions, to keep even their older fans happy. Although the band were sadly playing without their drummer this tour, their fill in drummer was equally up to the task and their performance was not diminished. I have watched Dream On Dreamer live on a couple of occasions now and I thought this was their best show I have seen yet.

Since In Hearts Wake’s latest album was based around the earth, environment and everything green, the ‘Earthwalker tour itself’ wouldn’t have been complete without the vine covered amps and microphone stands. Some ‘Earthwalker’ lanterns (exactly like the ones in their music video) were even placed around the stage to flicker in the background and add effect.

As the opening interlude Gaia rang out, In Hearts Wake jumped on stage and got straight down to business with new hits Earthwalker and Sacred. Having only released their new album just over a month ago, it was amazing to see the new tracks go off live just as well as the bands already tested and tried crowd favourites such as Traveller and Survival. Frontman Jake Taylor’s vocals boomed over the room while the crowd helped sing along to the choruses with clean vocalist, Kyle Erich to enable his parts to soar over the louder instruments. Fans surfed their way to the front any chance they got, which made for a sea of bodies flying left right and centre the entire time. As Departures signalled the end of the set, we were left shouting for one more song which we were granted, with the band returning shortly after for an encore of Divine to top off a great night.

What makes these small shows so great, especially in the metalcore/hardcore genres, is the sense of community that is felt by everyone who attends. All the bands for the evening put in 110% and you could tell just how blessed and happy they were to be there, playing for their fans and that none of them would have wanted to be anywhere else.






Upcoming Live Shows/ Future Reviews

So this week I have added a few more shows to my gig list for the coming months

June 6th: Earthwalker Tour – In Hearts Wake, Dream On Dreamer, Being As An Ocean, Endless Heights, Sierra

June 26th: The Rampage Tour – Deez Nuts, Confession, Hand of Mercy, Thorns

August 21st: The Used and Taking Back Sunday co-headline tour

September 5th: Neck Deep and State Champs co-headline tour with Sidelines

+ many local shows around the place hopefully!

In Hearts Wake Announce ‘Earthwalker’ Tour


In Hearts Wake are certainly keeping themselves busy this year, announcing yesterday their biggest headlining tour to date, the ‘Earthwalker Tour’

The band will be playing shows around Australia during the first couple of weeks in June in support of their new album ‘Earthwalker‘ which is to be released May 2nd.

Joining In Hearts Wake on the road will be Dream On, Dreamer, Being As An Ocean (USA), Endless Heights and Sierra

Tickets go on sale Friday April 11th.

Tour Dates Below


In Hearts Wake join in on April Fools fun

Like a few bands yesterday, the guys from Aussie metal-core group20140325-153928.jpg In Hearts Wake joined in on the April Fools band wagon.

The band took to social networking sites Monday night, announcing they would release a new track ‘B.R.T.S’ the following day with fans having little knowledge as to what the title actually stood for! They also described the song as a progression of their sound and that listeners should go in with an open mind.

I would tell you now but that would ruin the fun. Check out the video here from the UNFD YouTube page and see for yourself. You may have a giggle or two, I certainly did but you must admit, its kinda catchy!


In Hearts Wake release new song/music video


After a weeks worth of teasers through social networks, In Hearts Wake have finally released details about their much anticipated 2nd album!

New album ‘Earthwalker‘ will be released May 2nd via UNFD.

The band have also released the track ‘Divine‘ and treated fans to a music video for the song!

Check out Divine here: http://youtu.be/zUy9ytCkEjk

Definitely looking forward to this album. In Hearts Wake have quickly become a favourite band for me. I just love their hardcore sound! It’s even better that they are from Australia! 🙂