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Live Music Review: AC/DC


The Hives, Kingswood

Adelaide Oval

21st of November 2015

Growing up, I can always remember listening to AC/DC. My parents always had one of their albums around, whether it was in the car or blasting through the speakers at home. I was so excited and happy, even felt honoured to be able to finally see the rock legends play live this year as part of their ‘Rock or Bust’ tour in Adelaide.

Unfortunately we weren’t at Adelaide oval in time to catch young Melbourne band, Kingswood open up the night. Knowing they put on a great show after seeing them at Groovin’ the Moo last year, I hope the early crowd gave them a good audience.

We found ourselves a great viewpoint in Oval A just in time to catch a set from Swedish rockers The Hives. Confident front man Pelle Almquist had moves very ‘Jagger’ like and threw cheeky comments and statements at the crowd, even asking them at one point to yell insults at the band. Their tunes gave rhythm to get you ‘bopping’ along on the spot and their matching attire gave them a very professional look creating a somewhat entertaining performance. At least they eventually managed to get the crowd pumped and ready to go for the main event of the night.

As the intro video played out, the crowd joined with it shouting ‘ANGUS!’ before the stage came alight and alive as AC/DC emerged for title song ‘Rock or Bust’.

Brian Johnson wandered from one side of the stage to the other, while Angus Young did his famous ‘duck walk’ and hopping about like a schoolboy in uniform (literally), proving that age is just a number. The crowd too followed this motto, ranging from some elderly fans among the mostly middle aged group, through to one boy who was a couple of rows in front of us, who would have been no more than 5 years old!

Everyone was happy with the set list full of classics like ‘Back in Black’, ‘Thunderstruck’ ‘High Voltage’ and ‘Hells Bells’ (complete with a giant swinging AC/DC bell). There was head banging and devil horns galore and as the sky grew darker, the stands lit up with glowing and flashing red devil horns headbands, many fans had bought from the merchandise tents beforehand.

The crowd really got dancing and in a sing-along mood with ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ and ‘T.N.T’, preparing themselves for ‘Let There Be Rock’ which featured a guitar solo from Angus, the longest guitar solo I have ever heard, playing over 10 minutes, complete with confetti and the whole stage to himself. The band then rejoined him on stage, through the pyrotechnic flames for the encore of ‘Highway to Hell’ and of course rounding out the evening with ‘For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)’.

While it wasn’t much of a talkative affair between the band and the crowd, it didn’t need to be. We were there to party and rock and that is what we did. Who knows how long it will be until we see AC/DC back in Adelaide, if at all. The night was an incredible ‘Acca Dacca’ experience I will never forget.

Live Music Review: Groovin the Moo Festival @ Oakbank

Groovin the Moo

Oakbank Racecourse

Friday 25th of April 2014


By Kayla Schultz

It has taken 10 years since the festival initially started but on Friday, Oakbank racecourse finally hosted South Australia’s first and sold out might I add, Groovin the Moo festival!

Adelaide rockers Bad//Dreems opened the Triple J stage with good vibes to start the day. It was still early but the band managed to pull a decent crowd which was good to see so many turning out to support the small local act.

Kingswood were my next band to see for the day. The indie rock group from Melbourne certainly had an entertaining set, complete with technicians in hazmat suits and gas masks. With songs that were easy to dance and rock along to, it was all smiles and laughs from the band and their listeners.

Twos hours into the festival, I wandered over to the sheltered ‘Moolin Rouge’ stage for a look, and managed to get a front barrier position for Melbourne’s Loon Lake. The five piece set the tent alight with a dance party which included a split rendition of their song The Week with Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble, acover of The Darkness’s I Believe in a Thing Called Love and of course the band’s own Cherry Lips.

The tent then became a tuna can as fans packed in tighter to the front of the stage, trying to get as close as possible to Australian hardcore royalty, Parkway Drive. The large crowd were chanting for the band even before the technicians were finished setting up the stage. The excitement levels rose to maximum levels as the band appeared through the thick smoke and ripped straight into crowd favourites Dark Days and Sleepwalker. But it seemed as though no sooner had the band walked on stage, that they were saying goodbye, even before their usual closer and biggest song Carrion!

Parkway Drive’s cut set left more than a few fans slightly disappointed however most of them stuck around for the next act, Brisbane’s Violent Soho. The band allowed the crowd to keep the circle pits alive playing fan favourites galore and the band’s most popular tune Covered in Chrome managed a full crowd sing along,

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, I headed over to the Triple J stage again to catch Karnivool. I hadn’t heard much of their music going into this festival but nevertheless I had to see the band that had taken the crown for Best Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal album at the Aria awards last year. Since they share the same frontman, Ian Kenny, Karnivool are sort of like a rockier, edgier version of Birds of Tokyo which made for a great and enjoyable start to the evening.

Straight from Cochella Festival in the US, New Zealand group, The Naked and Famous had its crowd moving with dance tunes like Punching in a Dream and Young Blood but the vocals from singer Alisa Xayalith were drained out by the instruments some of the time, making it difficult for people listening/standing at the back to hear. Not a disaster though as most of the crowd knew the words to their songs anyway.

The Triple J stage got the sound in check for Aussie group, The Jezabels who played a pleasantly mellow festival set with songs like Endless Summer and Mace Spray, giving everyone a chance to relax and re-energize before the headlining acts.

The sky had looked like it had been threatening to rain all day, and about 10 minutes into Dizzee Rascal’s set, the heavens finally decided to open up. The rain settled in but didn’t water down the spirits of the festival goers who stayed to watch the English rapper do his thing and it was songs like Baseline Junkie and his cover of Florence and the Machine’s You’ve Got the Love that had the festival paddock turn into a mud puddle dance floor. The double encore of Bonkers called the finish to Dizzee Rascals set. By this time, I was completely soaked from the rain, and decided it was best to call it a day.

As festivals go, this was very well put together and organised, with my only real complaint being the need for improved food stalls to avoid the long lines but all in all I think it is pretty safe to say, South Australia’s first Groovin the Moo was a success and hopefully it will return to Oakbank in the many years to come!