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Asking Alexandria

Supported by Blessthefall and Buried in Verona

HQ Adelaide

10th of April 2016

Most people spend their Sundays resting for the long week of work ahead, however that wasn’t the case for the many keen music fans in Adelaide, lining up to catch Asking Alexandria on their first Australian headlining tour. If we had work or school the next day, not a care was given.

Sydney’s Buried in Verona were first up for the night and managed to pull a very decent crowd for an opening act, the crowd giving them plenty of energy in return. Songs like ‘Four Years’ and ‘Dig Me Out’, singled out the fans in the crowd, jumping at the chance to sing along with the words or start a circle pit.

It had been two years since Blessthefall had headlined the Boys of Summer tour in Australia, and with a new album under their belts, I was keen to see them play again. The quintet from Arizona stepped up the intensity with a remix intro before getting into ‘Hollow Bodies’ which sent the crowd wild. Newer songs ‘Walk on Water’ and ‘Dead Air’ made the setlist however it crowds favourites from the previous three albums such as ‘Youngbloods’, ‘Promised Ones’ and ‘What’s Left of Me’ that really got the crowd pumped, that and the fact, front-man Beau Bokan offered a high five to anyone who crowd surfed over the barrier. Bokan had so much energy, bouncing around the stage and spraying the front rows with water, it almost felt as though the stage was just too small for him.  He even fell off at one point trying to climb along the side, however he managed to get back up and carry on without even missing a beat. Asking Alexandria’s cheeky guitarist Ben Bruce added to the entertainment by throwing cups off the side of stage at blessthefall’s guitarist Eric Lambert, just for a laugh. Before too soon it was the end of the set, with one last chance to sing along with the band, they finished off with ‘You Wear a Crown but You’re No King’.

It didn’t seem possible at this point but the intensity levels rose again as the crowd waited anxiously for Asking Alexandria to take the stage. These Australian shows were some of the first shows for the band since the release of their latest album The Black and us Aussies were keen to hear them, especially with new vocalist Denis Stoff.

As soon as the intro started, the floor was filled with a sea of screaming, cheering fans ready to give the band a warm Adelaide welcome and sing along to the opening lines of ‘I Won’t Give In’. ‘Let It Sleep’ and ‘The Black’ also featured in the set and showcased just how much the band has grown and matured musically. While Stoff and ex vocalist Danny Worsnop are two completely different musicians, there are some similarities between the two in terms of vocal styles, especially evident when the band played older material, however Denis Stoff has an incredible vocal range, breathing new life into tracks such as ‘Breathless’, ‘Not the American Average’ and ‘A Prophecy’ which sent the crowd nuts. In my opinion Stoff pulled off these songs a lot better than I have ever seen Worsnop do so live in the past. The entire set was filled with energy and enthusiasm from the band that was fully reciprocated by the crowd. Asking Alexandria thanked their fans and left the stage, only to return shortly after for the encore of ‘The Final Episode (Lets Change the Channel), with the entire room shouting ‘OH. MY. GOD’ at the top of our lungs. It was pretty safe to say everyone left HQ hot and sweaty but happy with a huge smile across their faces (and not just because Ben Bruce showed everyone his nipple). Both Buried in Verona and Blessthefall played great sets and with this being my third time seeing Asking Alexandria, it was their best show yet. The night felt like one huge party that never wanted to end. They did not disappoint Adelaide fans, it was energetic, it was heavy and it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday night.

Single Review: Tongues Like Knives – Whose Hearts Were His

Tongues Like Knives – Whose Hearts Were HisWhose Hearts Were His

Metal-core/Death metal fans should seriously consider checking out song, ‘Tongues Like Knives’ from Whose Hearts Were His, the solo project of Gabe Fry (Solace and Stable, From the Shallows).

Tongues Like Knives is the first single released from an upcoming EP. The song is fast paced with chugging guitars and rapid drums. Throughout the progression of the track, it seems to move in and out of the metal-core and death metal genres quite slickly with the last minute being purely instrumentals, with a melodic rock vibe.

Listening to the lyrical content of this song, although the words appear to be quite dark, they are also quite catchy. You may even find yourselves with lines like ‘Murder In, Murder Out’ stuck on repeat in your head for a day or two.

All instrumentals and vocals on this track are carried out by Gabe himself along with the entire writing and recording processes. This project has been described as ‘grit meets grace’, which I totally agree with. If this track is only a mere taste of what is to come, then I definitely look forward to hearing the EP in its entirety in the near future.

Listen to it, like it, tell your friends about it!


For fans of: bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Gojira and The Red Chord

Live Music Review: The Boys of Summer Tour

The Boys of Summer tourThe Boys of Summer tour


The Color Morale/ Prepared Like a Bride/ Emecia

Fowlers Live

Friday 17th of January 2014

By Kayla Schultz

Written for Push to Fire


The Boys of Summer tour certainly lived up to its name this week, with the summer weather being felt around the country [Adelaide being no exception]. The temperature was probably still in the 30s as a surprisingly small group of hardcore fans waited patiently outside.

Post-hardcore locals – and opening act – Emecia are entertaining to watch; kicking the night off with a formidable stage presence.

Prepared Like A Bride appeared to have some people familiar with their work, with a few kids moshing here and there throughout their set. A Rage Against the Machine cover finally woke the place up a bit and at least got the barrier crowd moving. Be prepared to be hearing more from this band in the near future with their debut album Overcomer being released in just a couple of weeks.

By now, the room had begun to fill up, creating a bigger crowd as The Color Morale hit the stage. The band have become known for their positive messages within their music and the inspirational speeches from vocalist, Garret Rapp had the room cheering. Although confined to a slightly small stage, the boys from Chicago made use of every bit of space which was certainly needed for the guitar swinging that was witnessed. I hadn’t heard much from the Color Morale going into this show, but I think they now have a new fan.

As soon as Blessthefall took their place on stage, everyone knew it was time to party! The band had armed themselves with contagious energy and a set list mixed with old favourites such as ‘What’s Left of Me’ along with new songs including ‘You Wear A Crown, But You’re No King’ and ‘Hollow Bodies’.

Jumping, circle pits, head banging and chanting were all part of the fun, with the band executing each new song perfectly and proving why their latest album ‘Hollow Bodies’ has put them on the metalcore map. Front man, Beau Bokan seemed to never run short of breath, leaping and bouncing around the stage, engaging with fans and mucking around with his fellow band members. He even disappeared for a short moment mid set, only to reappear with a water pistol loaded to water down the front row.

Time flew too soon and before we knew it, the boys were closing their set with ‘Youngbloods’ before exiting the stage, only to return shortly after for an encore of ‘Awakening’ followed by ‘Promised Ones’ ; and with Bokan giving the crowd one final salute, the night had ended on a high.

ALBUM REVIEW: Hollow Bodies- Blessthefall

By Kayla SchultzHollow Bodies

After finishing an American summer on main stage of the Vans Warped Tour, Blessthefall have released their brand new album Hollow Bodies through Fearless Records on August 20th 2013.

Ever since post-hardcore/metal-core band Blessthefall revealed the album artwork for their latest album Hollow Bodies, fans have been expecting something a little different from the Arizonian outfit fourth time around.

Change is sometimes heavily criticised by fans and critics of the music industry, however in Blessthefall’s case, change has certainly worked in their favour. Not only did the band choose to work with producer Joey Sturgis for this album (who is known for his work with bands such as Of Mice & Men and Asking Alexandria), they also decided to feature collaborations with other artists throughout this album which is a first time for Blessthefall. Listen out for guest vocals by Jesse Barnett of Stick to Your Guns and Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red.

Hollow Bodies sees a rise in powerful breakdowns and more unclean vocals from Jared Wrath, which weren’t as predominant in previous releases, but has formed for a much heavier sound. For fans that prefer the mellow vocals of front man Beau Bokan, never fear! Despite the album having some of the heaviest tracks recorded by Blessthefall to date, a couple of lighter, softer songs with only clean vocals have been included, breaking up between the heaviness. ‘Buried in These Walls’ has an intermission feel to it, while ‘Open Water’ is the calm, almost orchestral closing track. This song is a duet between Bokan and his singer/songwriter wife, Lights with their relationship and connection make this ballad all the more meaningful and a really great closing track.

Fellow label friend, Vic Fuentes helped Blessthefall co- write song as ‘See You On the Outside’. As you listen to the lyrics, the way they have been written give off an obvious ‘Pierce the Veil’ vibe. The song is well written and one of the catchiest tunes of the album.

Whether it was the change in producers, addition of guest vocals, the bringing forward of a heavier sound or a combination of all of the above, Blessthefall have released a game changing album that showcases that the band have raised their own bar musically and lyrically.

Hollow Bodies might just be the key Blessthefall needed to prove that they are a great force in the metal-core genre and should be taken seriously.

Tracks to Listen to: Youngbloods feat. Jesse Barnett, You Wear A Crown But You’re No King, Déjà Vu, See You on the Outside, Open Water feat. Lights

Rating: 8/10



ALBUM REVIEW: Tracing Back Roots- We Came As Romans

By Kayla Schultz


American melodic metalcore band We Came As Romans have released their third album Tracing Back Roots, which was released on the 23rd of July through Equal Vision Records.

We Came As Romans have produced an album with the same sound as their earlier albums and EPs with Kyle Pavone’s clean melodious voice and the screamed vocals of Dave Stephens creating the great vocal balance that fans have loved. Tracing Back Roots is a vocally cleaner album which also sees a first time appearance of clean vocals by Dave Stephens. While some fans may harshly critique the album for slight lack of the heavy breakdowns that appeared on the bands second album Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be, Tracing Back Roots still has its heavier tracks including opening title Tracing Back Roots and Present, Future and Past.

This album shines through its progressive story of the band dealing with the past, life of touring and being on the road, growing and not giving up. For existing and new fans of the band, Tracing Back Roots is filled with catchy, positive, and easy to sing along to material with the inclusion of anthem worthy choruses and verses making them perfect additions to We Came As Romans set lists for future shows.

While currently wowing the crowds at the Vans Warped Tour over in the US, it will be interesting to see how the Australian fans react to hearing We Came As Romans’ new songs live when they head to our shores for the Australian Warped Tour at the end of the year. Tracks to listen to: Fade Away, Never Let Me Go, Ghosts and of course Hope (Which also appeared on the deluxe reissue of Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be)

Rating: 9/10