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Blink182 are a “pop punk” or “pseudo punk” rock band, when Enema of the State was released, the band consisted of Travis Barker (percussionist and vocalist), Mark Hoppus
(bass guitarist and co-vocalist), Thomus DeLonge (lead guitarist). It was released on June 1st, 1999 being their third album it featured 12 songs.

imagesThe overall feel of the album was to do with relationships ending or breaking up, although they did have a few songs in Enema of the State that broke that trend. Such as “Aliens Exist” which as the title suggests it is to do with aliens existing, depending on the copy whether it is live or not some of the lyrics may change as they like to have fun with their songs.

One of the other songs that had a different theme was “Adam’s Song”. This song is about teenage suicide, this song is played with care. It was inspired by an email of a child’s suicide letter to his parents. The song ended with the message that things will get better. This was classified as the band’s first mature song.

Most of the songs in the album have very similar beats you might find yourself having one set of lyrics stuck in your head and then end up jumping to a completely different song in your mind and not even realise that you changed songs for a moment or two.

Rating 8/10 



Bonython Park, Adelaide



To say the weather was hot in Adelaide last weekend is a complete understatement, however many avid music fans still made their way to Bonython Park to give Soundwave a decent send off, after it was announced that the festival was unlikely to return to Adelaide in 2016.

As the gates opened I hurried in and headed straight for the signing tent, before walking around and familiarising myself with the stages, (good idea since the stage numbers and set up didn’t exactly match the maps that were being handed out!)

Other years I have had to run all over the place all day in order to catch all the bands I wanted to see. This year, it was nice to wander around for a bit and absorb in the atmosphere as the park woke up and the first bands of the day started to play. I found myself grooving along to a bit of Area 7 before checking out Patent Pending, who were playing their pop punk tunes for the first time ever down under. Definitely a band worth checking out!

Back to the main stage, my first full set of the day was Hollywood Undead who filled the field with their mixes of hip hop and rock.The sun didn’t appear to defeat the fans or the bands performance one bit but I bet those boys were sweating under those masks!

MCR fans swarmed in to see the band’s ex-frontman Gerard Way strut his solo stuff on the mainstage a little later in the day. I am not as familiar with his solo work as I am with his former band but Way did a good job and can put on a good show. I slightly hoped that he would break out into ‘Welcome to the Black Parade‘ or something mid-way through. I know, My Chemical Romance have been broken up nearly two years and I’m still not over it!

After missing Crown the Empire at the Adelaide Warped tour in 2013 due to timetable clashes, I wasn’t going to let myself miss them this time! Playing to a decent crowd, the band’s set list mainly consisted of songs from their latest album The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways. ‘Machines’ was definitely a highlight although a few older hits like ‘The One You Feed’ and ‘Memories of a Broken Heart’ thrown in would have been perfect.

The crowd around stage 5 appeared to evaporate, (probably to get out of the heat) which left Sleepwave to play to a fairly disappointing sized group. Going into their set, I knew of the band but had not really listened to them beforehand. Vocalist Spencer Chamberlain (formerly of Underoath) tried his best to get people who were sitting under the trees up off their feet and the band managed to have a few more listeners by the end of their set. The band have at least one new fan however as I really liked their sound and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Another band I definitely recommend listening to!

The Color Morale were one band I had been looking forward to seeing all day. Garret Rapp is an awesome motivational and inspirational vocalist who really works the crowd well and the energy both the band and the crowds put into their shows is amazing.  Fans leapt at the chance to throw themselves around and head bang to songs like ‘Suicide; Stigma’ and ‘Learned Behaviour’. I was almost taken out by a crowd surfer after their scuffle with the security guards but I survived. So worth it to be at barrier for one of my favourite bands.

As the weather was slowly beginning to cool down, it was time for me to wander back over to the signing tent and meet the guys in The Color Morale, making sure to thank them for putting on an awesome performance. They were truly some of the nicest and most genuine guys who you can tell are sincerely grateful for all the support they receive and the opportunity to play their music around the world.

When Falling in Reverse were announced they were playing Soundwave this year, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who shouted FINALLY! It’s been a long time coming for the band, after spending the past few years not making it any further than the rumoured list. It was great to finally see Falling In Reverse on Australian soil not to mention the crowd rocking out to their entire set including songs like ‘Alone’ that had been so heavily criticised when it was released for being so different and experimental. Whether he sings, raps, screams or growls, vocalist Ronnie Radke can perform live really well and now that he is allowed in the country, hopefully we will get to see the band more often!

As the sun started to set, the field of the main stages was the perfect place to sit and chill out to Soundgarden before watching the last sets of the day.

Stage 3 headliners New Found Glory had my full and undivided attention for the final slot of the evening, showing us all that even after 18 years as a band, they still know how to put on a good show, even better, they know what songs to play! The crowd went crazy from the get go, even for newer tracks like ‘Selfless’ and ‘Resurrection’. The band even threw in their cover of Sixpence None the Richer’s ‘Kiss Me’ but of course it was classics like ‘All Down Hill From Here’ and ‘My Friends Over You’ that got the greatest reaction.

An enjoyable ending to fun packed day one of Soundwave!



Local Battle of the Bands

Tonight I went along to the Murray Bridge Battle of the Bands competition that is hosted annually at the local headspace/youth centre also known as The Station.

It was great to see the amazing local talent of bands from Murray Bridge and surrounding areas!

Shout out and congratulations to my good friends in Drowned by the Traitor who scored 3rd place!

Soundwave Excitement

So Soundwave will hit Adelaide in just a few days (4 sleeps to be exact) and I still haven’t perfected my timetable for the day yet! Last year I was way more organised than this but there’s just too many bands I want to have a listen to/have to see

It is looking a little like this so far…

-Mayday Parade – I can listen to this band when I’m happy, sad, whenever really. I’m hoping along with a few of their new songs, they play some old fan favourites!

-The Story So Far – I have only really just got into this band but I have heard nothing but good things about them so it will be interesting to see if they deliver.

-Asking Alexandria – I’ve been a fan of these guys for years and have been looking forward to seeing them come back here since I saw them last in 2011 when they supported The Amity Affliction. Can’t wait to hear how they execute some of the new songs off their killer new album!

-Panic! At the Disco/In Hearts Wake (Haven’t decided yet!) – Due to the fact I’ve seen IHW three times in the past two years, I’m heading more towards seeing Panic!

-A Day To Remember – One of the best live acts I have seen to date! ADTR’s new album was one of the best releases last year and I have no doubt they will put on a memorable performance.

-Breathe Carolina (I’ll see the tail end of their set maybe) – Not an overly huge fan of some of their older material but their new album is going to be smashing in my opinion. I’ve had ‘Sellouts’ on repeat for almost a week now.

-Suicide Silence – This is the band’s first tour back together since the tragic passing of Mitch Lucker and I have heard they have been playing great sets in the other Aussie cities with their new vocalist Eddie Hermida. It will be great to finally see these guys perform live especially since they are one of the first bands that got me into the music I listen to today.

– Motionless In White – I missed them play Soundwave in 2012 and I really don’t want to miss them again!

-Letlive – Another band I am only fairly new to however, I hear of this band everywhere. Jason Butler is being called one of the best frontmen around and their live performances sound like energy central, so really why wouldn’t I go check them out?!

-I Killed the Prom Queen/Avenged Sevenfold – Again, I’ve seen IKTPQ before and although it would be great to see them live again, I’ve heard great things about Avenged Sevenfold’s stage performances.

*This will probably change again in the next few days but oh well I am excited and keen to attend my 2nd ever Soundwave and it has the hard challenge of beating last years event since last years was honestly nothing short of amazing (with a minor exception to missing Pierce the Veil)


I will hopefully have a review up early next week or at least a very detailed recount of the day!

Architects release music video

UK’s Architects have release a music video for the song ‘Naysayer’ off of their upcoming album ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’.

Check out the video here:

The album artwork has been released along with a track listing for the album

01. Gravedigger
02. Naysayer
03. Broken Cross
04. The Devil Is Near
05. Dead Man Talking
06. Red Hypergiant
07. C.A.N.C.E.R
08. Colony Collapse
09. Castles In The Air
10. Youth Is Wasted On The Young
11. The Distant Blue

The album will be fully available in Australia, March 14th

Who else is a fan of Architects? I saw them live back in 2012, supporting The Amity Affliction on their Chasing Ghosts tour. They were fantastic! Hopefully this new album will see them return to Australia for a tour! 🙂

Upcoming gigs

This Friday night some awesome local bands will be playing at the Enigma bar in Adelaide including my good friends in Drowned By the Traitor! Check them out on Facebook and if your not busy come along to the show and listen to some good music! I’ll be there taking photos for my friends and hopefully I’ll get some of the shots up on here at some point!

The Boys of Summer tour begins tomorrow in Brisbane. As I’ve already said I will be reviewing the Adelaide show of the tour and this is my first of hopefully many shows I will be attending this year! Stay tuned! 🙂